Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mentally exhausted Thursday ramblings.....

My mental exhaustion has caught up with me.  Each child with their own unique needs.  In this household, ADHD/ADD is more common than cold germs.  Throw the rest of the special needs into the mix and you have the recipe for pure chaos. 

As I am sitting here after midnight, they are all asleep (finally) and Joe is sleeping too.  But not before Caty woke up with night terrors and leg cramps (again).  I should go to sleep too, but my mind just keeps stressing about all that still needs done.  I forgot to go and wash the skillet from dinner because came home from the girls soccer practice exhausted.   The girls are on opposite sides of the soccer areas, so I spent an hour running between their two practices so they both felt like mommy was giving them full attention. 

It was worth it though, Lydia was a little soccer rock star tonight.  She really enjoys it.  It was so funny watching her realize she used her toe to kick the ball instead of the inside of her foot.  So she was watching her kicks while trying to run over by me when we were leaving.  She missed the ball and it was like a scene from a Charlie Brown episode as she went down.  She thought it was funny too.  The one good thing about Little Kickers is how much it wears them out!
Tomorrow we have a big day with a visit to the Art Museum.  We are all really excited about this trip, daddy may even take the afternoon off.  They have the Egyptian experience with mummies!  And since we will be talking about Ancient Egypt by the end of summer in our History class, we will have our pictures to look back on.  Perfect timing!!

The hubby is having carpal tunnel surgery Friday morning on his one wrist.  They said he would be in and out and be using his hand like nothing by Monday.  Fingers crossed that it's true.

I did spend a little time discovering new Aspergers and Autism blogs.  I am searching for an online support group of some sort.  If anyone one out there reading this knows of a good, active group...please email me.

Well that's my brain for the evening....going to try and go to bed finally.  I did not know cat could grind their teeth.  As I finish...Ernie is asleep next to me and his little jaw is grinding.  It's too funny!!!


  1. Thanks for following my blog. I have enjoyed looking around yours. It sounds alot like ours with all the special needs crazy stuff going on!

  2. Hang in there! As Moms we can have a lot "on our plate", especially with unique child needs. (I have a son with SPD.) Every day can be a challenge...and finding time for ourselves is few and between. It's always worth it in the end though!


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  4. I went to bed at 8pm last night! LOL. Following you back now!