Monday, May 16, 2011

Advice Needed.

So I am in need of advice from all you homeschool mamas!! 

We need kindergarten level Math for our 5 year old.  I was leaning toward Math U See, but not sure if she will enjoy the instructor.  I have good things about both Right Start and A Beka.  But when I was going through  the Timberdoodle website tonight I fell upon Horizons. 

What do you use and recommend?  She has no attention span and trouble with recognizing her 7s.  She enjoys computer work (which is why I wish Teaching Textbooks was in this level....).

You can send me a personal email ( or leave your suggestions in the comments..

Thanks so much!!!


  1. My Kindergarten son just finished Horizons 1 math and loved it. He went through K and 1 this year. I love the short lessons, emphasis on time, money and fractions. Fractions are made EASY and all the concepts are so closely woven together that it just makes math easy. My son loves workbooks (strange!) so Horizons is just right for him. I do believe it is a very challenging program, too. My soon to be fifth grader has done well with it as well.

  2. I think (and I'm not positive) that Horizons is like the LifePacs from Alpha Omega ? and if so, these would work well (my opinion of course!) for your dd :) My son used LP in 5th grade and it was great for him (he doesn't like math and although he grumbled through these, they helped him a lot). The repetition of LP wasn't just the same thing again and again and again, it was interwoven as you go to concrete the concepts.
    Looking at the sample pages for both LP and Horizons it does look like Horizons is more challenging than the LP...interesting!
    Although... MUS is supposed to be a wonderful program- I've never used it myself.

  3. We've used MUS from Alpha on up and it's worked well. However, my daughter was older when we started it. We began homeschooling for her 5th grade year and she had been uncomfortable with her basic math, so we went back to the beginning to fill in any gaps she had. It was a good decision I think. While math is still not her favorite or easiest subject, she has done well using MUS. We like Mr. Demme (the instructor on the dvds)! Currently she is finishing up her 9th grade year and will finish up Pre-Algebra this summer so that we can start Algebra 1 in the fall for her 10th grade year. I don't have any experience with other homeschool math curriculum, for us MUS was a good fit...and as the saying goes "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" :D Kindergarten is young enough that if you try something and it's not a good fit, switching to something else should be easy enough.

  4. Horizons is an excellent program. Wanted to throw out Singapore Math as well. Singapore teaches kids several different ways to think about math instead of just how to do the problem set in front of them. I've had good success with it with my children. As well, it has a proven track record in Singapore--as their students are among the top scores in math tests around the world.

  5. I hope you find a math curriculum. I hunted and hunted for something for my son. Thank you for linking up at NOBH. Have a blessed day.