Monday, May 16, 2011

What is a "typical" day?!?--What we are trying for.....

With the upcoming start of our new school year (like most homeschoolers, we go year round), I have really been looking at the way we use our day.  Most of our sports activities are during the afternoon/evening hours.  That will not change this next school year.  But I have spent the last few months checking out attention spans and when they are at their best. 

Our days will start about 9:00.  First thing we will do will be talk briefly about the current Biblical person we are studying.  About 9:30 we will then move to Math class/Grammar work.  The boys are in the same Teaching Textbooks level, so we cannot do them together.  So one will do Grammar work/Spelling with me, while the other will do Math and then we will switch off.  At 9:30 is when Lydia will do Phonics.  This process will take us to about 10:15-10:30 (depending on cooperation).  Then it will be snack time.  Some days the kids will be in charge of making a snack for each other and other days it will just be a choice from our snack drawer.  About 10:45 (depending on when our 15 minute break actually starts), we will do our science together.  After Science it will be time for Lunch/Free Time.  I can run and get some stuff done in the house and the kids can have a can I since cleaning the bathroom is easier at times than practicing math facts or sight words...LOL:)!!  After lunch, about 1, we will finish our school day with History/Geography.  We will continue World Geography this year and we are starting Story of the World Curriculum.  Very excited about continuing both.  World Geography will wrap up by fall and then we will continue with United States geography an visit a state a week.  After Geography, they will be done with set curriculum for the day and need to finish a couple of workboxes of individual tasks.  I don't care if they finish them before lunch even, as long as they are done everyday.  The beauty of homeschooling is the ability to adjust and be flexible, and guess what....we may change up our workbox system a bit to make it multi-level (in our house) friendly.

I am in the process of posting a schedule that will allow them to see what is happening and when.  It will be adjustable to show field trips, library days, and extra activities like American girl club/LEGO club or Art Class.  I purposely put History in the afternoon, because even if we are van schooling that day for any reason, I have the MP3s of the Story of the World level we will be in (Volume 1), so they can follow along and listen!!  Very good situation for us!!  We will also be doing some Social Skill work from a book I found called Social Skills Lessons & Activities

We'll plan in fun times such as celebrating National Popcorn Day or National Pancake Day.  Of course we will also throw in some padding for stubborn attitudes and tantrums, since life with special needs kids can be extremely unpredictable at times. 

What are some schedules that your family follow?  I love seeing what other families are doing, which is why I am most likely addicted to blogging.  It's great when you don't have to reinvent the wheel, so to speak. 


  1. Our schedule? Well, we start at 9:00 and end sometime around noon. The kids are a daily assignment list and work at their own pace. If they need help, then they wait until I'm available, oftentimes working on something else until I'm free. Subjects are done in whatever order they like. Here's a post about a school day for us:

  2. hi renita - I am not sure yet of our schedule. we will be schooling year round also. I am thinking of taking the 1st week of June off so I can prepare the Summer lessons. We will be "lighter" and have more field trips (hoping gas prices drop!)

  3. Hi Renita,
    we start around 9-9:30 depending when we get up and work til noon. Take a lunch/recess break then do one additional activity and then we are done around 2. this doesn't include extra activities like swimming, piano or horse back riding lesson. I did a schedule post awhile ago on my blog:) Thanks for linking up to the NOBH