Monday, May 2, 2011

Menu plan Monday

Photobucket goal this week is to limit Take out to once!!  Don't know when, but I reserve the right to pull the card out at any time!  The Organizing Junkie is one of my favorite blogs.  I wish I could get her as a neighbor so she could help me!!

Sunday--Grocery shopping
B-Strawberry shortcake
L-Chicken BBQ fundraiser (this doesn't count as takeout)
D-Burgers on the grill

Monday--Med Checks with Dr., Boys have soccer and Joey has horse riding lessons.
L-leftovers for those at home. Pack lunches for us in the car.
D-Salisbury Steak, potatoes and carrots

Tuesday--Take my mom to get groceries, boys have Agility therapy & Lydia has a conference with K12
L-Pineapple pork over rice
D-Scalloped potatoes & Ham

Wednesday--Girls have soccer in pm, but waiting on the hot tub repairman all morning
L-Chili Dogs (with nitrate free hot dogs and homemade chili)
D-Spaghetti & garlic bread

Thursday--Art Museum Tour of the Egyptian Experience
L-leftovers & packed lunches
D-Roast w/ carrots, celery & potatoes

Friday--Joe's wrist surgery
L-Chicken Strips & fries
D-Homemade pizza

Saturday--Girls First Soccer Game
D-Biscuits and Gravy (Brayden's request)
Maybe I'll admit my results in the weekly goal wrap-up post...we'll wait and see.


  1. Thanks for linking up to the NOBH. i need to do more meal planning for my family we eat way to much, but with the kids evening activities is it hard to come home and then cook a meal:) i miss my crock pot which is in the states.

  2. I've been "slacking" with menu planning! I know what we're having tonight - fish and fries with steamed carrots! LOL Anyway, GREAT meal plans! I hope to grill out more that the evenings are warmer! Yum!