Monday, May 16, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Trying to use up our food before Tennessee:

Breakfast- Open
Lunch- Open--choice of what's in house
Dinner- Roast w/ carrots, potatoes and celery cooked on the grill all afternoon in an pan--MMMMmmmm

Breakfast- Open
Lunch- Leftovers
Dinner-Smoked Sausage Kabobs and buttered noodles  (we made the kabobs on the grill...let the kids choose what they wanted on each stick.  Caty discovered she loved mushrooms and Lydia loves zuchini now.  Brayden loved these, and Joey wasn't a fan of the smoked sausage..but he's not a fan of anything new -- Autism....these were requested again!)

Breakfast- Strawberry shortcake
Lunch- HM Fried pickles, pork loin nuggests, potato chips (All Homemade)
Dinner-Scalloped potatoes & Ham (We ended up ordering pizza because I was soooo busy trying to get the To-do list done.  But I did make and unhealthy lunch of homemade fried pickles,  homemade pork nuggets (I use pork loin...I'm allergic to chicken) and homemade potato was a hit!!)

Monday--Library Tour Field Trip--Joey has horseback riding and the boys have soccer practice
Breakfast- Open
Dinner-Turkey noodle casserole with buttered peas

Tuesday-Cedar Point Amusement Park----gotta love homeschooling (amusement park in the middle of the week!!)
Breakfast- Cinnamon Rolls
Lunch- Packed and eaten in the van on the way there
Dinner- Most likely food at the park

Wednesday- Humane Society Volunteer day--Girls have soccer
Breakfast- Open
Lunch-Chili Dogs
Dinner- Salisbury Steak w/ potatoes and corn

Thursday - Garage Sale and Special Olympics Banquet
Breakfast- Open
Lunch- Steak Burgers & some sort of side (easy to grill that day)
Dinner- BBQ Beef (on the grill--can put on and walk away), homemade pork & beans & corn

Friday - Homeschool Zoo Expo & Garage Sale
Breakfast- Open
Lunch- Packing
Dinner- Spaghetti & Garlic Bread--making my quick easy sauce because opened a jar sauce last week and the boys wouldn't eat it.

Saturday- Girls have AM Soccer Game and wrapping up the garage sale
Breakfast- Cinnamon Rolls
Lunch- possibly biscuits and gravy (Brayden has been asking for it)--but maybe take-out from the Dairy Bar downtown
Dinner-Potato Skins

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