Friday, June 24, 2011

Our Week in Review June 19 -24, 2011

We had an up and down educational week.   Monday was a Field Trip to the zoo!!  I had a pain attack that took me out of commission for a couple days and trying to paint the garage took me out another day.  Dad had surgery today.  Just another typical week where the kids are learning life skills.  In the end though, what really matters is will someone be able to take advantage of them when purchasing something and who do they put their trust and faith in.  Yeah this week was mainly working on Math and our Bible Study (and learning to appreciate nature that we have all around us).
We all worked on Money.  Lydia on basic recognition.  Caty is playing along as well.  The boys are working on not only recognition, but also adding and subtracting money.  They are putting some of their Teaching Textbooks on hold for a couple weeks to go through Math Mammoth supplement on Coins.  I do not care if they ever learn Algebra, as long as they understand money!  There are too many nasty people willing to steal money from those who just do not understand.

I found these great manipulatives at Staples a few months ago.  The girls like them, and they are great for the boys also.  They are very large and easy for the kids to handle.  They were in the Dollar Section.

 Brayden and I played the new Cars 2 Video Game tonight.

On Tuesday our friend Emma came over to watch the kids while I was painting.  She brought cupcakes to frost and decorate.  I let them do it first...then the kids were sugared up for Emma:)

We are working on learning about Bearded Dragons since Lydia got one for a graduation present.  I am so petrified that something is going to happen to this little guy.  I know they are sturdy animals, but that thing cost $50.00!  And we have had enough emotional issues in the house without the lizard dieing!  Brayden has tried to help me though to feed him.  I had to catch the excess crickets...he put 12 in the tank! 

Little fact we learned, crickets must be small and purchased dependent upon your dragon's size.  If he is smaller, need smaller crickets or he will choke.  Another fun fact....crickets will gang up on the dragon if they are too large for him.  More fun dragon facts when we make up our presentation on how to take care of Lollipop properly and learn more about him.

Lydia had American Girl Club this week.  We are studying Kaya and one of the wonderful moms in the group saw a Native American Storyteller at a local library.  Our meeting was planned around his visit.  It was very interesting to learn about clothing and how Native American names were really messed up when the "white man" arrived. 

We also learned about Brain-tanning....makes you think hard about leather tanning!


 Lydia loved the beading. 
 Flute and Plains Indian mocassins.

We all worked on butterflies for Science.  The kids were not enjoying the Mountain habitat lesson.  And since our butterflies/caterpillars had arrived we put the habitat lesson hold.  Our butterflies broke out of the chrysillas very quickly.  I was disappointed.  We may have to order them again just to have more time hopefully to watch the earlier stages.

Next week we will be finishing up Butterflies, Money recognition, and continue in the Summer Reading Club.
Lydia also has Horse Camp every morning.  We are hopefully getting our first Vegetable Share from the Community Garden also.  I am waiting on an email since we entered into this late.


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  2. Sounds like you had an awesome week :)

    Ever here of Bountiful Baskets? You'll have to check and see if they come in your area. We were just introduced to this opportunity to receive fresh fruits and vegetables. We have a garden but we are a couple months away from anything we can eat and this is a great filler.

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  3. Looks like an eventful and productive week! Love your pictures! Thank you for linking up again to NOBH!

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