Sunday, June 26, 2011

Workbox Monday

It's been a while since we have posted what's in the boxes.  Thought I would do it for this week.  I actually sat down and concentrated on our lesson plans a bit, and even found a workbox schedule from Julie at the Creatin' Classical Chaos blog.  If you use workboxes and trying to get organized...check this out.  It's a great blog!!!  The kids requested new workbox tags, so I made Strawberry Shortcake for Caty, Pokemon for the boys and Lydia wanted Cats.  I'll put the pictures of Lydia's up later in the week.

This is a few of the things we will be working on. 

Lydia has Horse Camp all week in the morning.  She'll have a few things to work on in the afternoons so she doesn't fall behind.

Bible-Jesus Ministry  (This is evening time activity.)
Handwriting-Proper letter formation (the boys will start using tracers to control the size and shape)
Math-(Boys) Adding totals and determining if they have enough for pretend purchases (girls) Coin Recognition
Language Arts-(Boys) Review of parts of speech from Summer Bridge Book (Girls) Language Lessons for little Ones.
Science-Finish our lapbook on Butterflies from Homeschool Share.

History-Story of the World - Nomads (cave painting and life)

Upper Elementary Workboxes:

Brayden and Joey have new Pokemon Tags.  The top drawer of their boxes are now supply drawers for all the older kids.  Caty only has 6 drawers, so she has a little supply box.

 Drawer #1 -- Journal
 Drawer #2 -- Handwriting
 Drawer #3--These have some great grammar review sections.
 Drawer #4--Coin Addition
 Drawer #5--Puzzle
 Drawer #6--Word Search
 Drawer #7 - Reading
 Drawer #8--Pokemon Look N Find and Coloring Sheet
 Drawer #9--Beginner Sudoku
 For Joey -

The same for the first drawers and then:

Drawer #6 -- Drawing book

Drawer #7 -- Sticker Books
 Drawer #8--Pokemon Coloring Pages
 Drawer #9--Snap and Circuits activity for him to start with

Here's Caty's Tot School:

Drawer #1--Everyone is starting a daily journal.  They can draw, write, put in stickers, etc.  A page a day during the week.
 Drawer #2--Color word match from Confessions of a Homeschooler.
 Drawer #3--Another Erica Creation.  Size sorting game
 Drawer #4--Tracing book...We love the Kumon Activity Books.
 Drawer #5--Sorting Bears while I read to her.
 Drawer# 6--Melissa and Doug Tanagrams puzzles.

Everyone have a great week!!!


  1. Work boxes interest me, but they seem to take up a lot of space and require a bit of time to fill every night. (By the time 8:00 rolls around, I'm usually beat!) I use work binders mostly - 1/2" 3 ring binder that I put worksheets and lined paper in for 2-4 weeks at a time. Oh, and we just got that same Cars puzzle! LOL

  2. Love your workboxes! I started strong last year with them, but did not keep up with them like I should have! Maybe I'll give it a go again soon! Thanks for the link to the workbox schedule. I'll have to check it out. Thank you for linking up to NOBH again and love your new blog background!