Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday's Thoughts--Feeling like a Broken Arm

It's been a rough few weeks in our house.  There's been med changes for both boys and we may have hit a wall with Joey on meds.  He has not responded to any therapy or meds for his OCDs.  He even underwent experimental treatment for kids.....no positive results.  Needless to say that we have been walking around never quite sure what might set Joey into an episode.  Tonight was a breaking point when his brother messed with his Pokemon deck.  His brother wanted to sleep in their sisters' room floor and watch a movie while they went to sleep.  Joey was ranting so much, we didn't care.  Things mellowed out....and then we suddenly heard squealing again.  Brayden had returned to their bedroom to sleep.  Then we spent an hour trying to deal with the squealing, screaching and screaming from both boys........this is why we can NEVER live in an apartment.

Tuesday's Thoughts

So I sat down finally and started thinking about it.  I feel like an arm in a cast.  On the outside it appears strong.  The arm can almost fully function, depending on the placement of the cast.  Daily life has some limitations (just like our family faces limitations), but you learn how to get things done in a new way.  Even though the cast is hard and strong, underneath you know something is broken......and that is how my spirit has been feeling the last few weeks.
I found this picture of this cute kitten...made me smile:)!!  Hope it does the same for you.

PS...To all of my blogger friends, I have been reading your blogs....for some reason though I have not been able to comment.  I am trying to figure out why, but blogger will not allow me to comment on almost all the blogs I follow.

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