Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bearded Dragons Unit Study

Made my first Unit Study on Bearded Dragons this weekend.  Ever since we got Lollipop I have been trying to fit in a unit study on bearded dragons.  We have been looking stuff up, but not all together. So the information the kids have been getting is hit and miss.  This week, we are going to finally do science class....yeah that's it!

But couldn't find a unit study already created, so had to do the work myself.  After this weekend of creating and designing, decided it is definitely a lot easier to order them from In the Hand of a Child from now on!!!

We are going to learn about why they are called Beardies, how big they can get, what they can and cannot eat, where they are from, and how to tell if they are sick.  We are going to learn how to keep them safe with their habitat and how they protect themselves from predators in the wild (and I mean not just the wild animals in our  Lydia is at least excited about science this week as we learn more about Lollipop.


  1. Great job making your own unit study and lapbook. I can imagine that does take a long time from scratch. It looks great. Thanks for linking up to NOBH.

  2. I am so impressed. We are thinking about getting a bearded dragon at the end of this month. I am sure my boys would love to make a lapbook.

  3. Super impressed!! I am looking for such a thing for my high schooler who is doing an unit study on lizards with a special study on bearded dragons!! Would you be willing to share it?? I belong to an online support group that has an unit study resource page ( that is always looking for NEW unit study ideas:)
    I did one on owls for him that I put up BUT I used several different resources for mine!!


  4. Bearded dragons of any age may eat a variety of insects,
    though the most commonly used insect is crickets. The crickets should be no longer than the distance between the bearded dragon's eyes, as feeding them too large of insects may cause undesirable health effects to occur in the bearded dragonBearded dragon diet