Saturday, July 9, 2011

Savings Saturday!!

So Tracy @ Slice of Smith Life posted about coupons from Staples.  I have to admit, I love saving money but don't take the time to check the hundreds of emails I get daily from various savings sources.  But this caught my eye since I am going to start stocking up on school supplies again for the year.  So I went in today to take advantage of them.

4 coupons each 75% off of Uniball products, a HP paper product, a box of envelopes and a box of file folders.  Original cost of purchase $75.97 before tax.  After coupons......$18.99. 

I purchased a partial case of printer paper (5 reams), 500 peel & stick envelopes (because my OCD prevents me from licking the nasty glue), a box of 100 color file folders for lapbooks and 1 box of pink uniball pens for the girls.

Great day!!!

Thanks Tracy!!!!

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