Monday, August 22, 2011

Big Kid School for the Week

Boy's School

This is what the boys will be working on this week.


Ants:  (got this book from Homeschool Share)

Grammar books.....Found these online for Free. 

Some fun items I will put in their boxes.

Math of course...and they will be also using Big IQ Kids for fact practice.
Math 3 Teaching Textbook

A Poem about Trees (we will be starting the next level as soon as we receive it.)

More fun activities for the boxes.  I am going to have Joey use his small LEGOs and Brayden will use DUPLOS.

I am prepping to bring Caty home from Preschool in the next year.  She attends a special needs preschool for a language delay.  This was the only thing I didn't have from Timberdoodle's Preschool Curriculum Pack (well there's a couple other items.)  I had a 40% off coupon for Hobby Lobby yesterday and got this for less than I would have online.  So I jumped at the chance!  We are just going to do fun stuff out of this each week as a group.

Handwriting, which I have been sort of lienent with.  

Another fun and educational activity.  Got from a homeschool garage sale.  I picked up an extra stack of geo trays from Goodwill for only 75 cents!!  We now have 11 of them.  So Brayden can create multiple designs and not have to remove the bands right away.

We are planning a trip to the zoo tomorrow.  And have a couple trips to Cedar Point planned too.  So schooling will be between activities that are planned over the next week.

Have a wonderful schooling week!!


  1. Please share where you found the grammar stuff free on line I am looking for grammar things that are free too:)

  2. We are doing the same things with Story of the World! How are you liking it? Where did you get the lego worksheets?