Saturday, August 20, 2011

Don't you love Thrifty finds?!?!

Two of my thrifty finds for the week......

I have been working on my desk, as well as other areas that need to be decluttered.  Going through supplies and throwing out the junk and recycling what I can.  My poor little desk was made by my grandfather many years ago.  Well I have lots of supplies stacked on my desk and it was driving me nuts.  I was looking for a new desk or shelf for the top of this one.  The price of office supplies scares me!  So I had been watching Craig's List and our local online Garage Sale Yahoo group for some used items. 

Thursday after a failed doctor appointment, I stopped at a garage sale...just because they had a HUGE sign.  Why not!

It looks like Grandpa made it with leftover wood and then sold it or gave it away.  It's a perfect match.  The two pieces are!  And it holds all the supplies a bit neater than they were stacked before.

I also found a cool spelling game from Learning Resources for only 75 cents!!!

What's been your latest bargain?


  1. That spelling game is a GREAT find!


  2. Nice finds... unfortunately I am not a morning person and I don't carry cash (lol) so I often miss the yard sales and such. In our wee town the thrift stores are only open during the week and close up early.
    I'm determined though to SOMEday find some great finds... just as soon as I decide to get up earlier and stop at the bank/atm to carry some cash... ;)
    Hope you have a great weekend!