Friday, August 19, 2011

Our Weekly Triumphs (Accomplishments)

Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers

I really feel like the blog post title says it all.  With interruptions and field trips and life just going on around us, I really feel like anything we accomplished deserves a Triumphant Response!!

Lydia chugged away at Looney Tune phonics and finished the first workbook in her Math packet, and we started the second.  We are also working on beginning sounds workbook.  Lydia is also sitting in on Caty School and she is also working on Before Five in a Row with Caty and I too.

The girls and I finished talking about rhinos today.  Next week we are going to study Chickens!!!  We are very excited about this since we went to two different chicken farms this week. 
Houghton Mifflin Math: Grade K, Student BookBeginning Sounds (Get Ready Books)Language Lessons for Little Ones (Volume 1)

The girls and I worked on a puppet set that I found at Hobby Lobby.  We finished two the other day, and plan on finishing the other two tomorrow possibly.  I am going to make a make-shift puppet theater for them to play with them out of a blue poster display board.  I am looking for the blog post I saw on this so I can share this really cool project.

The boys are working on a Math/Spelling/Geography online program for a TOS Crew review.  And I let them mainly concentrate on that program this week.  But next week, we will be working back into Teaching Textbooks and using the Math side of that program only as a review.  But we will continue the Spelling/Geography side of the program daily.

We are going to split apart Science and History for a few weeks.  It seems that Miss Lydia wants to fight over who gets to answer what questions, no matter how and who I specifically ask a question of.  Then Brayden starts in fighting with her.  It turns into a headache and an unpleasant experience for all.  We finished learning about the rhino today.  Our ants arrived and the boys and I are going to start our study of them next week. 

History....well it was History again this week.  With all the distractions and issues, we never got to history again:(.  Go figure.  With our new schedule though, it should be easier to finish History.  I am very hopeful.  It will be easier to talk about Hieroglyphics on an older and younger level.

Joey and I are a bit behind in our Spanish.  Both of us have slacked off in our studies.  We are will hope to get going again over the next couple weeks and practice what we have already learned.

As a family, we are still reading about Jesus life on Earth.  We also started going through the book:

A Child's Book of Values

I found it at the library and really like it.  Really helps me to break things down even more for the boys.  We are concentrating on Love for the next week and how we can show love to our family, friends and neighbors.

We have gotten all kinds of awesome reviews that we are working on also.  A couple games and some equipment.  Some curriculum too.  I have finally set up a blog schedule and working on several posts at a time, including starting reviews ahead of time and setting a future post date for them.  I read someone's post on Facebook last week that instead of concentrating on the Amount of Followers they have, maybe it's better to concentrate on the quality of posts.  I really like that and think it's a great idea.  I am going to concentrate that way (not that I won't be happy to have more followers...but then I wonder who really wants to read about our weeks!!??!??).

I hope everyone had a wonderful week.  Be sure to visit the other blogs in this hop.  Click above.

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