Friday, August 19, 2011

Homeschool Mother's Journal - Week 10

In my life this week.....

Been a rough week.  Joey had withdrawal from one of his meds, so spent 3 days worried about him.  He is better now.  And then it's allergy season around here...Again!! I did some research and came across Oil of Oregano, again (I have researched before but was too cheap to buy it) and I took the first dose today.  Nasty taste, and hope it works.  With my diagnosis, I have read that some people are able to take Tamiflu type drugs to help with symptoms and treatment and Oil of Oregano has the same benefits as those drugs.  So just will do some more good for me than allergies.  I am seeking out a specialist after reading sooo much and getting so little bit of information.  Now I am in the waiting stages of whether the specialist that I found can help me.  He is getting all the lab results from our family doctor.

I am also trying to declutter and declutter some more!!!  Cleaning the schoolroom area and making more changes....that is what homeschooling is all about!  Being able to adapt to the child.

I am also super excited about all the awesome reviews that we are able to do.  Wonderful products keep arriving.  I am excited to get the mail and packages!!

In our homeschool this week......

Lydia finished one of her Math workbooks and we started the second.  She is doing a lot of review right now in these, so we'll probably fly through this one too.  Hopefully by October we'll be back in Math U See.  (I'm setting October as our date but we should be in sooner than that, and then we can celebrate a little to keep encouraging her!!)  I found a cool Handwriting book for Lydia.  She doesn't like Handwriting without Tears, so we'll see how this one goes.  (Between us....I need to stay off of Timberdoodle's website.)  The boys are working on BIG and we are also going to be including Teaching Textbooks back in.  We are still working on Life Science of Rhinos and Elephants.  And maybe we will catch up with History this week yet.

What I am working on....

I am going to make some changes about the way we work together from now on.  Working as a group of 4 just is not going well.  So I will work with the boys and girls separately on Science and History, except for experiments and projects (like when we built the salt map of the Nile River).  At least for a few weeks, we'll see how the new system works.

Also decluttering and rearranging supplies.  I checked our supply shelves and realized how much stuff got forgotten and then re-bought because I forgot or lost the other stuff.  Don't want to waste money, so trying to re-inventory all my shelves.  Both for supplies and curriculum.

Where we are going and what are we doing.....

Lydia and I started back up our volunteer rotation at the local Humane Society.  We were fortunate to have my Sister-in-law and niece & nephew join us also.  We had fun playing with the kitties.  Lydia and I are going to go back every other week to help in the cat area. 

Yesterday we were able to go and visit a friend who is raising chickens.  She has 8 different kinds of hens she is raising.  Since we are interested in raising chickens in the spring, this was fun for us.  I can also see this being a fun project for us too...:)!!!  We are going to another Chicken Farm on Thursday with our Girl Scout troop.  More baby chicks to see.  The girls and I are going to do a unit study on chickens this next week.

We are hoping to go to the zoo on Monday with another homeschool Mom and her son, but kind of waiting to see about the weather.  We also have a field trip to Wood Country Historical Society coming up as it's our last American Girl Club meeting on Kaya and they have a Native American display set up.

What I am reading.....

Just finished reading Half Broke Horses.   It's a great book.  Now I need to finish Tears of a Giraffe.

Half Broke Horses: A True-Life NovelTears of the Giraffe (No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, Book 2)

My favorite thing this week....

I had a really hard time dropping off Caty's papers for preschool.  She is technically considered with delays, so she goes to a special school that provides extra therapy.  She only goes two days a week, but we have been including her into so much and she has been fitting well.  I really considered not sending her.  But alas...I dropped off the papers.  She is blossoming though with her speech at home, and she remembers things we talk about.  It's fun!

Well yesterday while at Tammy's and looking at the chickens, I asked if we had any questions.  Caty looked up at me and asked, "Why does the rooster have claws instead of toes?"  I observant!!  She was fascinated with the way the rooster clawed through the straw for food. 

Photo to share.....

Orange smiles.....


  1. Oh, what a week...I am so sorry for the set back with your son's meds...and having to drop off those papers...I wish I had some words of wisdom...but, instead, lift you up in prayer!!!!

  2. Cute picture! Praying for you to get some relief and that the meds work. Dropping by from the MHJ link up. :)

  3. so sorry- but I do so love that cutie pie pic! what a doll!
    God Bless-

  4. Oh, no! It's no fun to have allergies! I feel like they never end! (I'm being tested for pine and grass now. It should be interesting as pine and grass are EVERYWHERE here.) Sounds like a good week though! I hope preschool works out well for Caty! Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!

  5. So glad that son is doing better and pray that your oil of oregano works for you and that you get good results from your lab results.

  6. Sorry you're having a rough time. But isn't it great when we notice the little things like our children noticing the little things? :-)

  7. Hope your medical problem sorts it out:) Also hope your son gets is med sorted I know how hard that is waiting for the child to be on the right dose:(

    We loved the box you sent Thank you so much I did send a private email:)

  8. Ah- decluttering. That seems to be a constant goal here, too. I hope you get some allergy relief soon.