Friday, August 5, 2011

Field Trip to Imagination Station---Bodies Revealed

So after questioning Joey about whether he wanted to see the exhibit, he told me..."Yeah...I definitely want to."  So we decided to go to the local science museum which is exhibiting, "Bodies Revealed"

He was very freaked out within minutes of walking into the exhibit.

Here's a few pics I found online, since you are not allowed to take pictures.

He figured out very quickly that these exhibits used to be real people.  So I spent my time answering questions for Lydia and making sure Joey was ok and telling him it is ok to close his eyes.  When we got to the respiratory and digestive areas he was ok, but seeing the bones and other muscles was too much for him.  My favorite part is above....the lungs.  Just amazing all the small arteries in them.

We finished the exhibit quickly and then moved on to other areas of Imagination Station.

Here's just some of the fun:

Pretty sure this was Joey's favorite area.  At least until he saw the Grocery store.

Lydia enjoyed this section.

This was his first time getting to try the BOYO...basically making yourself a human yo-yo.

This is going to have to be a more regular family outing.  Too much fun and not enough time to do it all in!!!