Saturday, August 6, 2011

Our Weekly Wrap-Up

Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers
Very busy usual.  Whoever said that homeschoolers or even stay at home moms sit around and watch TV all day....doesn't know our family.  We admittedly watch TV, don't get me wrong.  But like anyone reading this.....we stay plenty busy. 
We didn't use our workboxes this week.  Was a little off on our scheduling.  So we spent the kids worked on Math, Phonics and Grammar in the morning, along with their silent reading and read-a-louds.  We didn't get our history activities done this week, so we will have to double up next week.  But we managed to study about two different animals this week.  We finished up about ladybugs, and then we talked about Hippos.  Next week we will be reading about Giraffes and Rhinos.  Need to finish up safari animals so that we can visit the local wildlife safari park. 
Our homeschool group held it's annual Resource Sale on Wednesday and I piled up the items. 
Scrabble Junior Disney

Scholastic Teacher's Friend Rhyming Learning Puzzles, Multiple Colors (TF7154)

I tried to buy a lot of games.  Really trying to encourage play-based learning as much as possible.  Found some great science supplies and drawing books.  Also found a Nursery Rhyme Pocket
Literature Pockets: Nursery Rhymes, Grades K-1
book for the girls.  We had an actual Book Warehouse that set up a display also.  I found some great science supplemental items and also a kindergarten math program that I'm letting Lydia work on right now.

The boys worked on paragraph structure on their blogs.  I found this great book at a Used book store that helped them.  It listed questions that we created a sentence or two to answer.  Then you combine all the sentences to make a paragraph.  They seemed to enjoy it, so we are going to work on it along with sentence structure over the next few weeks.

The kids finished the Summer Reading program at the library. I was very proud that they each read 50 hours.  The girls read more than that, but I kept their reporting as even as possible to keep from someone boasting.

We went on field trips to the Nina and Pinta Columbus replica ships.  We also went to the local science museum. 

We have about 16 ladybugs that have reached adulthood.  We are going to release them into our garden next week.  Let them help our poor tomatoes and zuchini plants.  But we did find 3 baby watermelons.

Just trying to help with the family garage sale this weekend.  And then desperately need to get ready for tomorrow.  We may go and visit Cedar Point Amusement park tomorrow.  And then we have assessments and physicals next week for the entire family.  Going to be a busy...busy week, again!

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  1. Looks like a great week--history will wait!

  2. I love the homeschool group used book sales!!! I get so much good stuff that them. The field trip to see the replica ships sounds fun. I wish we lived closer to something like that. Thanks for linking up to the NOBH.