Monday, August 15, 2011

Homeschool Mother's Journal - Week 10

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life this week…..
Well things got a little rough toward the end of the week. I finally have an answer for why I have been so sick for so long, but unfortunately not good news.  There’s nothing I can do and will never actually get better.  Basically I will feel like I have the flu for the rest of my life.  The attacks will not stop, but depending on my body some attacks will be less severe than others.  Lots and lots of questions for the doctor today.   I am trying to have a positive outlook, but it has been quite rough.  I will be trying to adjust my lifestyle yet again and then keep praying for strength. 
On a brighter note, my mom who had to have her knee replacement removed back in February due to a MRSA attack will finally be able to have a knee replacement put back in after 6 months.  She has had a cement type replacement in her knee joint since February and could not bend her leg.  Due to the infection still being in her body, they would not do the surgery until the levels reached certain point.  So the last week of this month she will finally get that put back in!
In our homeschool…..
We are have had a relaxed week.  The boys had assessments on Monday and then LEGO/Builders Club.  So we spent most of the day not home.  They are getting to try a new online program, so we are using that for Math and Spelling for the next few weeks.  Look for our upcoming review of Big IQ Kids.  Lots and lots of math fact review for them.  The girls and I are working through Language Lessons for Little ones and also Before Five in a Row (again….watch for our upcoming review).  Lydia is still working on Looney Tunes phonics and trying to read short sentences in books.  The girls had American Girl Club this week and we worked on basket weaving (with paper strips).   Lydia and I also talked about the different homes that Native Americans lived in and how they are different from what we live in today.  Another member in the AG Club sent out some great worksheets that Lydia enjoyed doing.  Lydia is working through supplemental math while we take a step back from Math U See Primer for a couple more weeks.  Caty and I are working through a few activities from the Brighter Beginnings Preschool program.  We reserved several of the books from the library and they strayed in different order, so we skipped to the kitten week and talked about diamonds.  She seemed to enjoy practicing cutting out diamond shaped kites which we decorated with stickers.  And we also used stickers to make a letter A.
Places we are going and people we are seeing….
We had Builders/LEGO Club this week.  And everyone had check-ups with the family doctor this week.  Caty (who we think was doing it on purpose) flunked her hearing test.  But I really think she didn’t understand the nurse.  She and Lydia did great.  The boys have their appointment today for their physicals with the family doctor and then med checks with their psychiatrist.  Brayden is off of all his meds but one now.  And Joey has started have massive emotional outbursts after he takes his one mood stabilizer….so guess what….yep that drug will be history also!
We went to Lake Erie Sunday and let the kids play in the water for a bit.  They collected a few shells too.  We even went to Cedar Point Amusement Park.  Very tiring, but fun.  Going back again next week and playing at their Water Park too.
This upcoming week we are visiting two chicken farms, hoping to go to Cedar Point again, and I just saw the hopefully horse riding.
Books I am reading…..
I am still working on Half Broke Horses.  Really like this one.  Less depressing than The Glass Castle!  I am also still working my way through Tears of the Giraffe.
Goals working on…..
Trying to organize our supplies and books.  Everything is a bit messed up.  Also trying to come up with a schedule for the boys to follow and maybe start working a bit independently on some items.  We use workboxes, but even then they do not always finish their items.  So I am trying to find a scheduler that will work for them to make them more accountable for their work.  I actually have the Well Planned one, but still working at using it.
Bought a tall shelf at a yard sale this weekend and put it into the kitchen school area to hold the stuff off my desk.  I usually have a massive pile of what we are working on that week.  Plus I have a stack of books from the library for both Caty's preschool curriculum and now Before Five in a Row books.  Couldn't even work on it.
Found a dresser too for the girls room to keep all their doll stuff in....those dolls dress better than me! 
Picture to share……
The kids by Lake Erie on for the upcoming review.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your illness. Will be praying for you.