Monday, August 15, 2011

Language Lessons for Little Ones -

This is such a wonderful book. I am so grateful that I was able to get these from a fellow homeschool mom.  We (the girls and I) are working our way through Book 1.  We are actually sticking with the poetry and art comprehension activities, but there are plenty of letter recognition activities also.  We are going to work on one poem/artwork each week.  I am trying to include an art activity of some sort to draw them out further in their comprehension and understanding.  I'll post these activities separate from our other activities each week. 

This week....The Animal Store by Rachel Field

The girls were to draw their own animal store and fill it with animal stickers of animals they would like to own......Yep, definitely scared for my house if Lydia was to be picking the animals we get.

Caty chose not to use stickers and drew a pink and blue elephant.  It even has a trunk!

Watch for our next activity.  We will be discussing children and cooking, and we will be making snack for our family.


  1. Very cute!! We have looked into Language Lessons as well -- Can you email me with your thoughts?