Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Big Kids School this week

In Big Kid School this week, we will be working on the standard Math.

 PrimerMath U See Primer for Lydia

Teaching Textbooks Math 3Almost finished with this one....for the boys.

In Science, we will be working on the Magic School Bus Human Body Science Kit (we are already working on the first experiment since it needs to sit for a couple days.

We'll also be building ourselves with the help of this book....

My Body (Science Books S)

We will also be looking at Autumn and the upcoming seasonal changes by using Amanda's Bennett's Autumn Treasures Unit Study.  We'll be including some fall fun projects and books to read.  So this will be literature also, as we will be learning a bit about poetry.

Autumn Treasures
The boys will continue using Big IQ Kids for their spelling and math review.
Lydia and I are continuing phonics using the items from the Moffat Girls Shop and a cross of Looney Tunes Click N Read Phonics.  She and I now work together in the morning and evening on her site words and sounds.  We are going to go with repetition since it just seems like something that is working for her right now. 
Lydia and I are going to continue working on our study of Felicity.  This week we plan to make Apple Butter just like Felicty and her mom did.  We will also be working on basic embroidery with a kit that I found at Hobby Lobby.
As a group we will work on State Geography of Indiana.  We have our meal planned of biscuits and apple butter and hopefully sugar creme pie....hopefully. 

In History we will be working on Ancient Egypt and mummification.  Maybe even watch a History Channel special on mummies. 

We are going to finish our study of Adam and Eve and work on memorizing our Bible Verse of the week.    This week is Genesis 2:7.

Busy week....we have basic studies above and two field trips this week.  Also have LEGO Club, a med check for the boys, and a dr. appt for Grandma.  And all we homeschoolers do is sit around and do nothing to help our children.....lol!!


  1. We did the Amanda Bennett Book last year and enjoyed it. We made the candy corn, what a mes:)
    I love the Magic school bus science kits and we started this one but then got side track with other things, I should pull it out again> Looks like you got lots of great stuff going on:) I don't know how you juggle everything in your life. You have amazing stamina and inner strength:)!!!