Friday, September 2, 2011

Homeschool Mother's Journal - Week 12

In my life this week.....

I have come to the realization that our children are toooooooooo (is that too many o's) spoiled.  As I am trying to help clean up their rooms, and listen to them beg for items all the time, ugghh.....they really feel that no matter how many times I swipe that debit card there is always going to be money there.  Joey is not as bad as he used to be, he has realized that we are not rich.  But he is starting to understand how comfortable of a life he really has.  Brayden doesn't realize this all yet.  Maybe someday.  But with the boys I have come to accept that they may always need help with their finances. 

Lydia though.....WOW!!!  We are on our way to interventions....we are definitely working on how to appreciate all that we have in life.  I am working on this as subtle as possible with her.  Because otherwise she has a hard time accepting advice.  She's only 6.....ah do we have a long time to 18.

In our homeschool this week.....

We actually had a good week.  The boys for the most part did their work daily.  They worked out of their workboxes, with reminders to stay on task.  There was some griping about writing sentences for grammar, but in the end it was done.  We finished our brief study about ants, and have been watching them all week.  They have had some tunnel collapses.  It has been interesting to watch how much of the apples they eat.  Ants are so tiny...yet they eat a lot.  We started talking more about World Travelers Club projects.  We thought we may miss this month, because of possibly leaving early for Tennessee, but those plans changed.  We actually talked about Greece in World Geography this past school year, so we pulled out our folder to pick out a project for each of them to complete.

Lydia worked away on her school work also, as well as Caty.  With both of them, we are working at the best times for attention.  Lydia is usually earlier in the morning.  Caty is usually later in the afternoon. The girls started learning about Felicity in American Girl Club.

I am planning our time line and how to do it.  I can really see the benefit of having one right now for Lydia and the boys.  Lydia and the boys have asked to do some State studies, so I found these great books that I have started ordering for them.  I will let you know about them in a post next week.  I love them and we haven't even started using them yet!

What's working for us......

Doing our bible study together in the evenings before bed.  We read together, almost daily.  There have been a couple nights the last few weeks where we just didn't do it because I wasn't feeling well.  Or tantrums and moods interrupted us.  But as a family we are working on this goal.

Where we are going and what we are doing.....

We walked around a local little town on Monday that is full of little antique shops.  We stopped at the General Store and bought Rock Candy, just like in our American Girl Books we started about Felicity.  We also visited a used Children's Book store.  It was fun.  I got my hair cut and Lydia got those feather extensions put in her hair today.  (Did I mention earlier that I know I am responsible for her thinking about money....uggghh!)  Tomorrow we are going to a local amusement park for the day.  Very excited.  Have a picnic packed and everything.

Things I'm working on.....

We are getting ready for our trips to Tennessee over the next few months.  Very excited.  But also helping with some Special Olympic projects.  It's almost soccer time again!!  YEAH!!! 

Been working on several reviews, September will be packed with them.  Watch for all the cool stuff we are getting to play with and learn with also.  We also joined the Million Minute Family Game Challenge.  We love playing games, so this is right up our alley!

What I am reading.....

I am reading the new book club book for the local news station.

Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption

I also am trying to find a few moments to read this book that I read is a must read for homeschool moms....funny how I need to find time to read a book on how to make more time for myself.  Isn't that irony?!!?  lol!

I'm cooking.....

We are trying to eat a more Paleo diet.  Not for weight loss, but health reasons.  We are still having trouble giving up corn and grain completely.  Joe loves his corn chips and I still like rice.  But we have ate a few almost 100% paleo-friendly meals this week.  And they were very tasty.  Thing with this diet is you are cutting out the processed junk and no grains.  It will be a work in progress.

Favorite moment this week......

Celebrating National Toasted Marshmallow Day with the kids.  Watching Joey to try so hard to build a tower out of toothpicks and mini-marshmallows was very cool.  He tried, even though Brayden would not even come out in the drive-way (yeah still having issue with this).   But the week is not over, I may have another favorite moment tomorrow!

Picture of the week......

 Lydia and I working on her first doll quilt (ignore the clean clothes pile in the you see the true house.)

He actually went out Monday evening when we told him what we were doing (breaking open geodes).  He was very proud that he broke open the rocks.  The next day though he would not leave the closed in porch.  Our life is really a roller coaster!!!

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  1. Hi Renita,

    stopping by from the homeschool mothers journal linky. I am married to a CPA so i cant say i agree that kids will always need help with their finances, i can promise they will if parents dont teach them about it early! they need chores, practice in savings and money management and financial schooling as part of their homeschooling and the younger the better! oh how i wish my parents had given me the same instruction on money that our daughters are getting! hang in there; it is never too late to teach your kids about finances and teaching them to be financially independent is one of the best gifts you can ever give them ;-) stopping by from the HMJ linky. Blessings, Katie