Saturday, September 24, 2011

Our Weekly Triumphs (Accomplishments)

Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers
What a week.....what a week!!!  We spent the week trying to get back into the swing of life in Ohio and not in Tennessee.  We all really enjoy that area (even Brayden!).  But the week back is always a bit of a challenge and we had a jammed pack week of activities.
On Monday, Lydia had a field trip to a local pizza parlor to make pizzas.  It was a Girl Scout trip, so it was just her (and not her siblings this time...made it just a her and I adventure).  We had schoolwork to finish in the morning and evening.
Tuesday brought a trip to the ER with my mom because a section of her PIC line plugged and they had to check it.  The trip wasn't bad, just those middle of the day trips kind of ruin the rest of the day.  It's almost and hour one-way to the hospital, so felt like I lived in the van.  But did get some material and trying to make the girls Felicity doll dresses for their American Girl Club.  A bit of a challenge for me...a novice sewer.  Then the boys started their first week of Bowling Team with Special Olympics.  They loved it!!  Even Brayden!!  They both bowled two games, which is unheard of.
Wednesday was Homeschool Day at the Zoo.  And Joe was able to take the day off and we went as a family.  That was a challenging day.  Brayden and Joey both gave us fits of tantrums and sensory issues.  Even Caty joined in a couple times.  She is experiencing some sensory issues off and on...and they have gotten more outspoken since she started back to preschool in a regular school setting.  But that's a whole other story...and issue.  Anyway, even with the threat of rain and autism outbursts, we were able to complete our zoo bingo card.  Although we chose the easiest route we could because we couldn't handle a hard route that day.  I'm just glad the employees remember the kids from zoo class, so they understand.

Thursday brought schoolwork in the morning, and American Girl Club in the afternoon.  This was our first meeting for the Felicity books.  The girls (with some, made mob caps and coral braclets.  For our at home project, Lydia and I made pomander balls out of apples.

Friday was another one of those days....the boys had med checks in the middle of the morning.  Another 2 hour round trip not to mention the actual office time.  I was able to take 15 minutes and stop at a health food store by the dr. office and pick up some arrowroot flour (since I stopped using cornstarch) and some extra coconut flour and carob powder to make brownies with tomorrow.  Got home and did a lot of cleaning.  We did some basic schoolwork, but not a lot.  Mainly reading and some basic math.  I had to run and pick up prescriptions then for the boys for the new meds Brayden is now on.   The kids were excited though because they got to play with their cousins for a couple hours in the evening while my brother and his wife went to see a movie. 

Saturday was a great family day.  We went to pick apples to help a local food bank.  The boys do not participate a lot in community projects since they do not always handle the situations well.  This worked out really well today!!!  We will definitely make this a family tradition to do each fall.  We also did the diet Coke and Mentos experiment when we got home, oh and played bocce ball.  It was fun.

Well that's our week....hope everyone had a wonderful week and are enjoying their weekend!!!  Check out what other families accomplished at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers link-up.


  1. Hi! Stopping by from weird unsocialized homeschoolers link-up! Looks like a great week of school!

  2. WOW you do have a lot on your plate:). Glad the zoo staff was understanding for you and your boys I have found that is not always the case and it just makes the day even more stressful for everyone. Hang in there my friend:)

  3. Looks like a very busy week. What an awesome attitude you have about all the interruptions (which of course aren't really interruptions ;)) I love the pic of the mento experiment.