Friday, September 30, 2011

Our Weekly Triumphs (Accomplishments)

Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers

What a busy week!!!  There are very few homeschooling families that don't say that every single week!

The hubby had to go to Tennessee again for work, but we stayed home this time.  So it was me against the kids all week.  So it made for a very long week.  Someone once told me that it got easier as kids got older.  Well I keep waiting for that time. But unfortunately for our family life gets a whole new set of challenges and set backs.  We have a new round of sensory issues that have developed with Caty and Brayden.  Joey also has had some sensory and mood issues that we have been swinging with.  I used to get so bored and craved noise and excitement in my life.  I can honestly say....NOT anymore.  I am now craving some quiet!  The girls have been battling runny noses all week.  Caty is been sort of croupy, and with Joe out of town, I didn't sleep much for fear I would have to go to the ER in the middle of the night by myself with all the kids.  I spent most of each night trying to keep her breathing steady with vaporizers and keeping the room temperature a bit on the cool side...all while she slept.  If I could...I would probably sleep all day tomorrow...but you know that won't happen.

Monday---We went on a field trip to the Frogtown Froggy Museum with our homeschool group.  It was a fun trip with stories and lots of frogs.  We also had LEGO Club that day.  Unfortunately due to the rainy and nasty wet weather, soccer was cancelled this week.  So we came home and vegged with some TV. 

Tuesday---We worked on school work in the morning and then we took Grandma to her specialist appointment.  I also had an appointment in the same office with this specialist.  Was loud and distracting (not to mention frustrating to not get answers), but came home after picking up our Veggie Share at the local farm.

Wednesday---I promised that I would take them out to lunch, where ever they chose if they finished their schoolwork with fighting with me.  After the dryer died and the van was acting up....I decided I needed to resort to bribery that day.  It worked......and they chose Chinese. 

Thursday---We didn't have to go anywhere!!!  WHoooooohooo!!!  Did some schoolwork after I spent all morning pouring over the budget to make sure we could swing a new vehicle.  Fortunately my mom allowed me to dry our clothes at her house, so I spent the day running back and forth to their house with our few loads of laundry.  Did some light cleaning in the kids rooms.  Their rooms are going to be ripped apart in the next few days so we can put in their new beds. 

Friday---More doctor appointments for med checks.  I broke down and allowed them take-out again for lunch.  They are loving this week.  And then we took Grandma home and the girls had their first ballet class this afternoon.  This is Caty's first ballet class. 

We were able to finish math.  Lydia was able to return to MathUSee again.  She is struggling a bit, but seems to like it and loves when she realizes she understands it.  It's hilarious when she screams..."I got it!"  She started a new phonics program (watch for the upcoming review).  The boys are working on adding and subtracting money with decimals.  We worked on our Amanda Bennett Autumn Treasures Unit Study.  We are going to spend two weeks on it, instead of one.  And we finished our US Geography study of Indiana.  The kids are enjoying these books from Timberdoodle.  They had a bit more trouble memorizing the scripture this week, but they can give me most of it and they have the jist of it correct, so I am not worried about it.  They understand Adam and Eve and what happened.  Another small hurdle victory.

Another successful week.  I am happy that the boys remembered our State Geography facts.  If they can tell me the state capital of each state....I consider that an accomplishment!!!  And we were full of those all week!

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