Sunday, October 30, 2011

Felicity Quilt Squares 2 & 3

We had our second meeting coming up for American Girl Club on Felicity.  I have many projects over the next month to complete for this very interesting time period.  Next to the Civil War, this is one of my favorite periods to read about in history.  So I think I am more excited than Lydia.  

We did two quilt squares this week.

What families did together?.....played games, went to the fair, danced and played instruments.

Did Colonist children go to school?......Yes and no.  Some parents hired teachers to work with their children.  Sometimes many families worked together.  Sometimes if your family was wealthy, they would have their own school and would be taught there all day almost every day.  Early morning until 6 pm sometimes.  The majority of children learned at home with their mothers and fathers.  They learned handwriting, math and reading.  They also learned to play a musical instrument.  Most children learned from horn books.

This week we had so many activities that I didn't get to the candle making project.  Here's Lydia playing with the colonial trunk from a local history museum.

 We looked at the flag and learned about the stars and stripes meaning.

There were horn books to examine.

We have actually read all 6 books now in the series and started over.  We are loving listening to the books while we are out in the van.  Lydia requested to listen over again after we finished.  I was shocked, but she really likes them.

Next week, we will finish two more quilt squares and we are going to either make candles or learn how to make ink with cranberries and use quill pens.

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