Saturday, October 29, 2011

Our Weekly Triumphs and Accomplishments

What a week in the Kuehner household!!  Go figure.....

Monday---  Typical school day.  Their work boxes were packed and then Lydia and I stopped at the library for some holds.  Then the really untypical part of our day started.  Lydia and I went on a cemetery tour.  A homeschool friend is a member of a local historical society, and she offered to teach us about how to read headstones and the symbols and wording on headstones can mean.  The cemetery we visited has been used since the 1830s, and was officially made a cemetery in the 1850s.  We learned what Potters Field actually means.  I'll have a post next week with some of the neat things we learned and pictures.

Tuesday---  Took my mom to the store and picked up the luggage rack attachments for the Van.  I mean...come one.  Our new Sienna has a partial luggage rack for appearance.  I didn't even think about it.  We discovered after looking at how to attach our luggage carrier, that there were no cross bars.  The partial rack is there as decoration and you have to buy the cross bars extra to make it functional.  More if Toyota's are not expensive enough!  All that aside, I am in love with our new van!

Lydia had another check for her arm.  Still has infection, so she started a third round of antibiotics and we have an appointment to take her to a pediatric plastic surgeon to have this lump removed.  Since starting antibiotics and using the heating pad, the cyst has changed shape totally.  Caty is also going to have to see a specialist because she keeps getting bladder infections.  So that appointment is made now too.

Joey had Agility Therapy with the dogs and did Awesome!!!!  He kept the dog with him throughout the course.  He is doing great!

Wednesday---  For Breakfast, we did a bit of a Felicity Cooking theme.  We made hoe cakes and nitrate-free was yummy!!!!

Then we did schoolwork.  Lots and lots of schoolwork off and on during the day.  It was a big science day.  We have started incorporating R.E.A.L. Science for Kids in our science after seeing the awesome projects another homeschool friend was sharing.  I reworked my plan for our Human Body unit after seeing all the activities.  This week we talked about animal cells.  We used a hardboiled and raw eggs to "re-create" cell parts.

We will work on plant cells Monday.  Since we took Friday off from school, we didn't have a chance to finish the cell unit.

But we also learned about taking care of our bones.  By not taking proper care of them, we can have more breaks and problems.  We soaked chicken leg bones in vinegar for a few days, and they became somewhat flexible and started breaking.  So we need all the vitamins and minerals to keep our bodies strong.

We also had Guitar lessons....

We borrowed a Colonial American kids trunk from a local History museum for American Girl Club.  We are reading Felicity right now.  This trunk was full of treasures.  Since the boys do not come to Club meetings, I got it out for the boys to go through too.

Caty playing the drums like a Minuteman.

Thursday -- Lydia and I went to the Symphony.  We saw a performance of the Toledo Symphony Young People Concert Series.  I had fun, and she thought it was too loud.  And she didn't like where we were sitting because she couldn't see the whole orchestra.

And then we went to American Girl Club where the girls explored the Colonial Trunk and they made homemade butter and had a yummy snack.  They also played Blind Man's Buff.

Friday -- We took it off from school because we were supposed to be going away for the weekend.  We left early so we could go to a Natural History Museum we heard about from another Homeschool friend.  Dinosaurs and Michigan History.  So we were well up for that, plus it was near where we were planning on going.  Everyone had fun and we saw some cool and some scary stuff.

Then it was off to the hotel to swim and have fun.

I don't remember what day of the week we did this project, but I am on a search for more of these.  Any suggestions, please email me.  I found this one in Mailbox Magazine.  The kids enjoyed it and believe it or was a challenge to follow the directions.  More of these patterns would be awesome for therapy activities.

How was your week???  Check out what other homeschool families were up to.

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