Friday, October 7, 2011

Homeschool Mother's Journal - Week 17

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life this week.....

Well we had to break down and buy a new mini-van.  Our old one was basically going to keep nickle and diming us to death.  And with winter coming up, we had no desire to be without a vehicle.  So we bought one of the nicest vehicles we ever owned (and we bought a new car when we first got married...a Green Ford Taurus and I always thought that was a nice much more in love with our van).  We bought a Toyota Sienna.  I was scared it would be smaller than our Grand Caravan...very worried about the continued growth of our children and the fact that we will have this vehicle for the next 10 years.  Even when Joey hits 21...I do not see us outgrowing it.  Plenty of leg room.

Joey caught a stomach bug from somewhere.  So far knocked down two of them, hoping right now that is it.  I know that is asking too much, but I can still hope for that.  I feel like bathing in santizer and walking around the house with a mask on.  I already have been not feeling well due to a UTI and had to give in and go and get antibiotics.  Antibiotics and my body equal not feeling better, but just feeling yucky while the drugs supposedly take care of the infection.  Fingers crossed that this is over ASAP!!  Already missed two field trips this week due to the bug.  Would like to start next week germ-free.

We have been looking for a dog since we had to put Miya to sleep a few weeks ago.  We wanted an indoor dog again, and were really hoping to adopt.  Well we were very fortunate today to be able to take a small Cavalier King Charles/Beagle mix in.  We will be picking Rhylee up from her family this weekend.  The other cool part is it is from a new to our area homeschooling family...yeah they live on the other side of the little town we live in.  Didn't know there was another homeschool family in our town!  Playdate time!!!
In our homeschool this week.....

The boys did some Addition of money.  There is a bit of a struggle when the decimal point and dollar sign is thrown in the mix.  Math isn't a strong subject for Joey, so a bit of extra practice in the area of adding and subtracting money (which to me is more important to the boys than Algebra) is definitely needed.  Brayden tries to fly through his practice and so we are working on looking at the problems more closely and actually answering the questions that are being asked.

Lydia is still working on number recognition and place value of ones and tens.  And we worked more on letter recognition and sounds.  Lydia also had co-op this week.  They worked on their senses and then we went on a short leaf walk with one of the families at a local park.  This was her first time there due to scheduling, and she said she really liked it.  It's a drive for us, so we are only going to go two times a month.  But as long as she likes it.....(Good thing we got a reliable vehicle
The boys started soccer (a very short Fall Season). And they had bowling Tuesday night--which is where I think they may have caught the nasty bug.  They had their first guitar lesson on Wednesday. and loved it!!!  Joey and Lydia are very much on board for learning guitar. 

It was a very relaxed week, so Thursday I didn't want them to not school in some way and since I didn't feel well, we turned to Netflix and worked on Columbus Day activities.  We watched a History special on Columbus and the fun animated movie The Magic Voyage.  And made Columbus puppets and ships.

Today we worked on Fire Safety and learned about how Fire trucks are made.  (I can't reveal too much about for the upcoming!)

What I am reading.....

Educating the WholeHearted Child, 15th Anniversary Edition  -     
        By: Clay Clarkson, Sally Clarkson
(Watch for the upcoming review)

Things I am working on.....

Trying to implement the suggestions from the above mentioned book in our home.  I still need to work harder at making learning fun for all of us.  What I think is fun....well it may not be for the kids.

My favorite thing this week.....

Ok, being selfish here.  It's a toss between watching the kids at their guitar lesson and getting the new van on Saturday.  Did I mention how much I love that van...even when I started getting shut in the power slide door.

Favorite Quote of the week.....

Unless a man is courteous toward others, he is at a disadvantage in the world, even though he may be the possessor of every other good trait and quality possible to humanity....Courtesy is the external manifestation of a right spirit toward others.
--H. Clay Trumbull, Hints on Child Training, 1890.

Photo to share for the week........

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  1. So glad you could get a new van! You are going to love your Cavalier doggie. We have one and he really is the sweetest, most gentle breed we have ever had. Thank you for sharing! I always enjoy reading about your weekly activities.

  2. Oh yuck, the stomach bug is the worst especially when mom is already not feeling good. That's the one thing I hate about being a mom A lost chance to have a sick day. So sorry you had to deal with sick kids on top of being I'll as well, that's hard. As moms we are super heroes though and have amazing powers that even we ourselves did not know we previously had.