Saturday, October 8, 2011

Our Weekly Triumphs (Accomplishments)

Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers

We may not have followed a set lesson plan this week, that sort of fell through.  But it wasn't a total wash for the week. 

Monday -- Lydia had her first Co-op this week.  They talked about our 5 senses and did a couple experiments.  She had fun and asked to go back.  The boys stayed home and worked on their worksheets and schoolwork.  The boys also started a short soccer season.  They had a lot of fun.

Tuesday -- We did some schoolwork, and run some errands.  I uncovered a treasure I bought at a retired teacher's garage sale.  Lydia is still struggling with number recognition and she seems to be enjoying this.  We are working up to 30 right now.

Wednesday --  It turned into grocery day/errand day.  Did some work around the house and then took my mom to one of her appointments.  Grabbed some groceries also.  Lydia and I hung out at a great little coffee shop/used bookstore in downtown BG while we were waiting for Grandma.  We picked up some great books.

Got a couple other fun books for the kids, and one for Columbus Day.

When we got home, the kids had their first guitar lesson.

Thursday -- Joey wasn't feeling great.  And neither was I.  So didn't want them thinking there was no school, so we tackled Columbus Day.  They made some Columbus puppets and hats while watching a history channel special on Columbus.

Friday -- Another icky day.  Caty was sick, and I was still not feeling great (takes a while for antibiotics to kick in).  So we tackled fire safety.  (Watch for the upcoming review on the products that we were using.)

We are supposed to be getting our new dog this weekend.  We are adopting from a local family.  Waiting to hear from them right now.  And picking up the house from the week.  Will post pictures when we can!

See what other homeschool families are up doing.

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