Thursday, October 13, 2011

Homeschool Mother's Journal - Week 18

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life this week....

Well it's been a challenge.  I still am not feeling well.  I have been having a reaction to the antibiotic all week, and wasn't able to eat anything for 3 days, just liquids.  I finally broke down yesterday and made myself some veggie broth using carrots, celery, spicy kale, tomatoes, and fresh mushrooms.  It was very good.  I originally planned to just drink the broth so at least I was getting some vitamins in me, but the super soft veggies tasted wonderful!  The kale really added some kick.  I am going to do this one again and include some beef sauteed up because it would make a great veggie beef.

Otherwise I have been just trying to keep up.  I did take Lydia to her first Zoo Class of the school year, and met another wonderful homeschool mom.  But if I didn't have to leave the house, I have been trying to stay home.  It hasn't helped that Joey and Caty have bad colds also.  Something I am hoping to avoid catching!

In our homeschool this week....

We finally be finishing our Autumn Unit.  We are basically done, but there is a section on Squirrels in the Download and Go that we are using.  So tomorrow we are going to do an art project with squirrels and learn some fun facts about them.  Today I lucked out finishing the pumpkin unit and even the seed dispersal section....courtesy of The Cat in the Hat Knows Alot About That.  The episode about seeds happened to be on earlier today, and I recorded it so we could watch it during science class. 

We also started giving the kids 1 penny for each school activity they finish without fighting and arguing.  There is a cup for each one, and I pay them after I check all work to make sure it is completed.  I don't know if this helped any, but we actually have accomplished alot this week.  Very happy.

Where we are going and what we are doing....

Lydia had her first zoo class.  She had a lot of fun.  They are learning about different habitats this year.  They learned about the Savannah this time.  They even were able to ride the train through the Savannah exhibit.  We even saw the new baby giraffe. 

Lydia and I also started listening to the American Girl Felicity Books on cd.  I had to order them from Amazon...but so worth the $14.95.  She really liked listening to them and we had some wonderful little conversations about some of the sections.  We are on Book 3 right now. 

Things I'm working on....

Still feel unorganized in our school room area.  Since we had to buy the new van, our garage remodel is on hold.  So that in turns means that we have to remained crammed in the living room.  Unfortunately Joey's desk is breaking and Brayden broke the keyboard tray on his desk also.  I was looking for desks on Craigslist to see if I could find something decently priced used.  Then I found these great desks that I really liked.  I ordered three of them because they are large enough to create a work area for all the kids.  Instead of individual desks.  I also am working on eliminating a bookcase that is breaking by combing through and taking any books we won't be using off the shelves.  By making space on the other shelving units, I can fit the broken shelf's items on them...hopefully!   I guess we will wait and see, but I will need to work harder this next week on this project because starting run close to delivery date.

I'm reading.....

Still working on the same titles.

Product DetailsProduct Details

My favorite thing this week....

Actually happened this evening.  Joey, Lydia and I were working on pumpkin weaving mats.  I didn't force Brayden to come down and do the art activity.  He was playing his ds, but I saw him watching us work on the floor.  And then out of the blue, down to the floor comes Brayden and he started wanting a pumpkin mat too.  He actually finished one, with a bit of help.  He doesn't enjoy art activities unless they are on his terms.  He enjoyed this one at least!

Favorite picture to share....

Joey has a cold, and he gets hyper when he has to take cold meds.  Well the cold his body is fighting and the cold meds have been working overtime against his current meds.  So he has been off the wall on a daily basis and barely sleeps.  Today he was up off and on since 1:30 am.  Joe and I are exhausted since this has been going on all week.  We have to listen carefully in the kitchen, because he starts eating constantly also.  Hopefully he gets better soon.  But yesterday on our nature walk/cemetary trip, he found a "walking stick" and then pretended he was the baboon from Lion King.  It was cute!

The fun part was when we went to get into the van, he asked to bring it.  I said no, and then he cried enough I said ok.  We set it in my 'new' van and he sees a bug under the barks edge then freaks out.  I freak out...after all we had to have our last van fumigated because we got mice from putting a straw bale into it.  So he cried and cried (a side effect from cold meds and lack of his other meds).....Never a dull moment...NEVER.

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