Saturday, October 29, 2011

Homeschool Mother's Journal - Week 20

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life this week....

Lydia is now on her 3rd round of antibiotics.  We have to see a pediatric plastic surgeon to see when we can have the cyst taken off her arm.  I am nervous and excited because I finally was able to get into an endrocrinologist.  I have the first appointment on Monday for the initial round of tests.

Been really busy week trying to get everything done this week.  We actually have gotten all of our schoolwork done everyday this week.  Shocker!!!  Just wish I could get the kids to clean their rooms also.  I have been avoiding going into their rooms because of their messes.  It's been a massive fight all week long, especially with Lydia.  She informed us, "I'm just not a cleaning sort of kid." you better figure out how to be!!

In our homeschool this week....

We have actually gotten what we needed to accomplish done!  Shocking...I know!  We did hit a wall in Math this week.  The boys are struggling with fractions.  So we are going around that at the moment.  It was way too frustrating to continue this week.

Lydia and I had a wonderful time at American Girl Club and we even went to our first Symphony performance.  We were super excited.  Lydia though found it loud and frustrating because where we were sitting, we could not see all the sections of the orchestra on stage.  She could not see the trombones and threw a tantrum.  Fun times!!

We had a good week!

Where we are going and who we are seeing....

We went to the Toledo Symphony Young People Concert.  We also went to American Girl Club.  Lydia, Joey and I went to Agility therapy and to see the family doctor on Tuesday.  Today we went to a Natural History Musuem on the Campus of University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.  We saw some awesome stuff!!!  That's a whole post on it's on.

Next week we are going to the Art Museum to seeing a glass blowing demonstration.  We have LEGO Club and hopefully some home time!

What I am reading....

A really wonderful homeschool mom in our group wrote this history book that also includes some yummy recipes.  I am already trying to figure out how to make them allergen-friendly for our house.

Questions I have....

We are trying to work on certain subjects together as a group activity.  I am planning most science activities together, history and geography and of course our Bible Study.  Does anyone else feel like group activities can turn into a 3 ring circus?!?!?  I feel like a ring leader without my top hat. 

What works best for all of you for group projects?  Is it just that all 3 of them have some sort of unique special need?  I really would like to keep these subjects group.

What I am cooking.....

This week has been pretty cool.  Joey and I made a vegan lasagna (he has to try a dairy-free diet for a few weeks because of a suspected sensitivity), and he loved it.  He also tried hummus, and chicken and dumplings that had carrots in it.  Joey is my child that fears veggies and will start gagging before it comes near his mouth.  Thursday he ate 2 helpings of homemade potato soup.  It was yummy!!!

Next week, we will have to repeat the vegan lasagna, smothered chicken, probably tacos, spaghetti and we will be baking an apple pie for our Washington State project.  I may even make some type of chicken gyro.

Picture of the week.....

Thanks to another homeschool mom, we visited a new-to-us museum in Ann Arbor, Michigan yesterday.  That's a whole post on it's own.  But Caty (who loves dinosaurs) was convinced that this skull was a rhinoceros, and not a dino.  She pretended to be the tour guide and was telling us all about it, and even got down to tell us how it moved.

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  1. How exciting it is to see my book on your weekly roundup. If you make some changes for allergy issues and you really like the way the recipes turn out, please share what you did at the book's Facebook page: Toledo's Historic Farmers' Market