Monday, October 10, 2011

What we are doing this week...

What are we up to this week??

Well we have a few projects we are going to work on. 

World Travelers--We are learning about Sweden.  Watch some travel videos this morning and located it on the globe.  Then really started working on their projects for Thursday.

Zoo Class--Lydia has her first zoo class this week.

Math--The boys started a unit on measure from Math Mammoth.  It was very hands on with the ruler, shoes and paper clips this morning.  Lydia will continue working on counting this week with our Bubble Gum Machine and Math U See.

Science--We didn't get to finish our Autumn unit due to illness, sooooo we'll finally get that done so we can start the Human Body.

Grammar/English--Lydia is going to continue with phonics and started a new program called Ooka Island.  The boys are going to continue with sentence structure and parts of speech.

Handwriting--Continue with Draw Write Now (all of them).  Lydia also has these great wipe-off cards I found at Rite Aid to help with site words and letter formation.

That's what we are up to this week.  Watch for our finished Sweden projects on Thursday!

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