Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What We are Up to This week.....

I didn't actually take pictures of the items in the workbox drawers.  I have been trying to pack them daily.  Lydia basically van schooled today, so she didn't have set drawers.  She had her backpack and clipboard in the van to work on some of her work.

I really am trying to encourage chapter books with the boys.  So we are still reading the together.  A chapter a day.  They are liking it.  The next one we are going to get digital copies for their iPads.  

Grammar of course.  The boys are working on singular and plural.  They are struggling with adding  -s or -es to words to make them plural.  But they have gotten nouns down and making good progress through this book.

We took back up our Math Mammoth Measuring. 

Joey is working on his Spanish again.  My mom found this book when cleaning off her shelves.  Joey is liking it so far.  We have dr. appt and therapy tomorrow evening, so we'll take the music cd with us for fun.

They are getting ready to start Book 2.  I am having issue with the boys and their handwriting.  I think I am going to start printing more copywork of some sort.  They are just struggling at taking the time to have correct letter formation.  They understand it, but just don't want to take the time.

Lydia is continuing with this Phonics program...watch for the upcoming review.

I have a stack of geoboards we found at Goodwill.  The kids love these, so will bring them out again this week for great fine motor skill activities.

Found this counting book at the library on their Friends of the Library rack.  It was so cool.  I got a second copy for Caty to use.

Lydia and I will be playing this game (watch for the upcoming review).

She is loving her trial to Reading Eggs.


I found these great puzzles at our local Rite Aid a few months ago, and saved them for our human body unit.  I threw them in our book box from library.

Lydia and I will be doing another project about Felicity.  I think we are going to work on quilt squares showing clothing styles for men, women and children.

This is a new item for our classroom.  Found it at Timberdoodle.  Haven't even shown it to the kids yet.  Think all the kids are really going to enjoy it.

Of course we have guitar this week.  The kids have been working on E, F, G.

And if we can...Washington may go into next week. 

The kids have guitar lessons Wednesday afternoon.  We have alot of Club stuff on Thursday for American Girl Club and Lydia and I are going to the Symphony that morning.  Friday we are taking a trip to a Museum in Ann Arbor that has a huge display of dinosaurs.  The kids are pretty excited.

Everyone have a great learning week.

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