Saturday, November 26, 2011

10 Things I will Never Do

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I signed up for the Blog Dare from Bloggy Mom.  I am pulling an old topic that I missed to blog about today.

1.  Touch a snake.  I am soooo afraid of snakes.  But the girls like to see them.  I hide my fear the best I can, but they freak me out!  I used to have nightmares about them.  Couldn't even watch a scene with a snake in it on TV.  I can now walk through the snake house at the zoo, as long as I don't have to stare into the glass cages.

2.  Climb Mt. Everest.  Please....I hate cold.....I am out of shape....and broke.  Those 3 things alone would disqualify me.  But I do love watching movies and specials about those who do trek up the summit.

3.  Eat soy again.  I used to live on soy.  I love fried tofu.  But after a friend told me about soy allergies and the dangers of soy (I still haven't finished the book yet on Soy dangers), took it out of my diet.  Once I eliminated it, turns out I have an allergy to it.

4.  Run a marathon.  This might be a possibility someday.  But vision of training for a short marathon is not a reality.  No time to really train.  I probably shouldn't put this under Never...but currently just will not happen.

5.  Understand Autism.  Every time I think I understand something the boys do, it changes.  Nothing will ever be "normal" in our house.  I am pretty sure Norman Rockwell would have turned Jackson Pollock if he was trying to paint a portrait of our daily activities.  I will never be totally used to the daily happenings of our house.

6.  Be completely organized.  I am an organized dreamer.  I try my best.  I have my calendar to keep track of appointments and activities.  I try planning meals.  But still most days I am running around trying to barely keep up with daily life.  

7.  Have a house that will appear in Good Housekeeping.  Seriously!!! do people live in those houses that appear in the House magazines?!?!  I cannot be sick for half a day before they go through our house and it looks like natural disasters kept erupting and shaking our house!  I just need to accept that our house will never even be nominated for more than Messiest House in America!

8.  I don't think I will ever get to finish my Education Degree in an actual classroom.  I have part of a Teaching Degree...that's it...just part.  But I am getting a complete education just by homeschooling the kids.  Probably will never be able to teach in a classroom now....principals have a tendency to frown upon such a loose curriculum schedule.  Guess I could be an aid someday, but may just try to tutor kids instead.  Keep me out of the classroom and possibly saying something that will get me fired (lol).

9.  Stop loving field trips.  No matter how much stress and running around that I do....will never stop loving field trips to museums and the zoo.  Field trips are sensory nightmares for our kids.  I will just work harder at watching for the issues that cause the overload and try to control that better.

10.  Eat oysters.  Sorry....this one may bite me for saying.  We have a rule in the house that if we as the parents say something negative about a food that keeps a child from trying it, we have to eat a whole plate of that item in front of the child.  Joe and I have done so far the past 11 years with this.  We even like brussel sprouts now.  But I have to say....the thought of oysters....Yuck!!!  If I don't serve them, they won't know about them.  When they are adults....they can be adventurous about them then.


  1. I can relate to the snake one. I used to be 1000% freaked out by snakes and I still am not thrilled. However, I have calmed down a tad since my son now has FIVE snakes. It took me about a year before I touched one and longer than that before I held one - for about 10 seconds and then I threatened to drop it if ds didn't take it back asap! I can now say I touched and held one, but have NO desire to ever do so again!!!