Saturday, November 26, 2011

Conclusion of Garbage Project

It's been a month since we started our project.  The point of the project was to see that not all items decompose.  Some garbage will last forever.  If you saw our first post, we snuck a candy wrapper in between the layers of dirt.

Two weeks ago we did an update.  

After a month of sitting in the window, the food scraps decomposed.  Everything but the candy wrapper.
We started this project as a environmental project for Girl Scouts.  We learned that we really need to take care of the precious planet we are living on.

We learned the term carbon footprint and now know that our carbon footprint leaves a mark on everything we do.  I compared their regular footprint and asked if you can see their footprint everywhere they go.  They said No.  I then explained that even though we cannot see it everytime we walk, our footprint does leave a mark with each step.  So everything we do makes an impact on the environment.  Lydia and I made this poster for our meeting.

These are some of the books we read.

I forgot we had this book, and the mom that put together this meeting showed it to us.  Do you know it takes almost 500 gallons of water to make one t-shirt??  This is a wonderful book.  I highly recommend it!!! Full of eye-opening facts!
This meeting tied in with our trip to Goodwill a couple weeks ago.  One very important way to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle is to buy used.  You not only save money, but you also help the environment!

A couple ways we are working on improving our carbon footprint.  We put a recycling box directly in our schoolroom for paper scraps.
We also have started switching to environmentally friendly soaps and gradually replacing our cleaners.  We are also going to work at purchasing our clothes second hand, instead of buying new.