Friday, November 25, 2011

Deer, more deer, Elk and Bison...oh my!

We wanted to have a family day today, so we loaded up the van and it felt like we were moving for only a 3 hour  We had bought discounted passes several months ago to a local drive-thru wildlife park.  And everytime we tried to go, something always came up.  So we really tried to go today, and leaving only a half hour after we planned went on the road.  Our little pug, Rocky even came along for the ride.  

This was a new experience for all of us.  And we learned immediately....NEVER take a new vehicle to one of these places!!!

 Can you see why......
 Poor Joe was about to have a heart attack with each elk horn, deer lick and bison sniff that came our way!
This elk and deer though got into a fight and one stole the cup and the other tried to climb into the van and get the carrot.  I dropped the camera after this shot trying to keep Caty from losing a finger!
 Most were nice......
 And I loved the buffalo and bison.
 Joey was very nervous (especially after the elk hooves and head inside the van)....but just before we left they took turns feeding this cutie.
 And he pigged out.....then he got into a fight with a deer and spit carrot all over the front of our van.

 My bison buddy.  Lots of snotty kisses!

 The after effects on our new van....lots of kisses on the windows and mud on the doors.
More mud
A better look at all the snotty kisses.

 Snotty and muddy bumper.
 Carrot spit on the bumper
After all the excitement, we decided to take our picnic to a local park.  We were near Lake Erie, so we chose one right on the lake.  Unfortunately it was very windy there, so we let the kids play a bit while I made sandwiches in the van.

We watched someone on the lake that was doing something like wind-surfing with this huge kite.  It was 55 degrees and sunny, but very windy.  That water had to be in the 40s.  Don't think I would do that...but Lydia is wanting to do a polar bear swim.  So maybe doing that before I know it.  The polar bear swim is coming up in January....brrrrrr!

Lesson of the day.....Do No Take your New Van through a Drive-thru Animal Park.


  1. That was an experience!! We weren't allowed to feed the animals when we went to the safari park here. But the Monkeys climb on the cars and there were signs all overs saying the monkeys would pull on your wind shield wipers and possibility destroy them. My husband was none to pleased about that:) Thankfully we escape unharmed. Not sure I can talk him into another safari park adventure though. What a great trip for the kids though. Thanks for linking up to the Home school field trip hop.

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