Friday, November 25, 2011

Homeschool Mother's Journal - Week 24

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life this week....

Been a bit of a lazy week.  I made a last minute decision to let the kids have the week off and just play.  They still had guitar lessons.  But no textbook work.  I decided to try and learn how to use a small round knitting loom so that I could teach Joey and Lydia.  My hope is that it helps with Joey's dexterity.  This has always been an issue for him, and I think it might be affecting his guitar performing.  If you can't get your fingers to do what they need to, you may not be able to play.

Had my MRI on Wednesday.  Yucky 1 1/2 hours laying in a tube hooked to an IV, holding my breathe every few minutes.  My back was so sore Thursday from that.  Hoping to get a call Monday.  Kind of on pins and needles about what the results are going to be.

I hurt my left arm.  Not sure how, but been in pain for over a day.  I just remembered though as I was trying to type this about the MRI and having to leave my arm over my head for 1 1/2 hours on Wednesday.  Pillow or not...that could be causing some of my issues.  I am watching it though.

In our homeschool this week.....

First full week of vacation for a while.  I normally don't do a whole week that often, because Monday after is horrible.  Actually takes the kids a while to get back to doing what they should.  I am praying that my last minute decision won't be

We did work on an at home project for Felicity (with our friend Suzy).  And Lydia started her 100 greeting card project for a nursing home.  Next week we'll start back with this week's plan, and just add what I subjects I was going to leave off to let the kids just have an easy week.

We also have been reading lots from We Give Books.  Caty is having a blast curling up with me on the couch and reading.  Unfortunately not always books I would pick, and I am not loving the Red Lollipop more please!

People we are seeing and what we are doing....

We hung out at home.  The kids played with their cousins.  Joey had some emotional issues and we are afraid the new meds may be causing the roller coaster.  Not sure, but suspicions are pointing that way.  
Lydia had her friend Suzy over.  We made cookies in the Easy Bake oven and made Game of Grace (Felicity Game).  
We didn't do any sports, because Mom and Dad were sick on Tuesday (food poisoning) and Mom wasn't feeling great after her test on Wednesday.  
Lydia does have a bowling party to go to later tonight.  Today we are hoping to visit either the zoo or a local wildlife park.  Guess we'll wait and see what happens.  Next week it's back to the same old thing.  

What I am reading....

Still working on our friends book
Toledo's Historic Farmers' Market
and helping Lydia (ok...helping me prep) to get started on her State project.
Daisy and the Girl Scouts: The Story of Juliette Gordon Low

What I am cooking....

No more chicken for a while....that's for sure.  I did make a beef brisket yesterday on the grill.  It was super yummy.  Not really planning on cooking much today since we are going away until almost dinner time.

What we are watching.....

We have been watching a lot of Muppets.  Of course I tried to introduce the kids a few years ago, and they hated the Muppets.  Now they are into them.  Sure it has something to do with all the commercials they are seeing for the new movie.  I found Muppets Season 1 at our library.  Yesterday there was a Muppet Movie marathon on HUB.  They are enjoying it.  We also watched Spy Kids 4, which they all liked.  We have also been watching Danger Rangers and Magic School Bus.  

Picture for the week....

Oatmeal, honey, coconut oil facials.....

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  1. So sorry you had such a yucky week:( Hopefully next week will get better.

  2. my kids are doing the same thing with the Muppets...grrr...commercials!

  3. Praying for your health!

    Sounds like your week "off" was both fun and productive. Looks like the kids were mostly happy, busy, and learning:)

  4. Hope you guys enjoyed your week off. We plan every Thanksgiving week off. We just like to take that week to bake & set the atmosphere for the holidays. Now until after Christmas we'll read lots of great books, play games, .....

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