Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What we are working on this week...

What we are working on this week....

As a group, we are working on a new art program.  Brayden is not a lover of drawing, so he is not loving art class.  But Joey and Lydia are really enjoying it.

We are working on our country for World Travelers Club.....Cyprus.  Picking out projects and we will be making a Cypriot meal tomorrow.

In Science we are finishing up the skeleton, joints and starting a section on our blood.  Even creating our own "drinkable" blood.

Joey and Brayden will be continuing Time in Math Mammoth and reviewing calendar work.  We faced some regression in these areas, so I am encouraging this.  Even moved our calendar to a more convenient place for them to work on.  Brayden is still working on his Car lapbook and Joey on his Guitar lapbook.  They are working on copywork, and I am going to introduce Joey to cursive writing again.  See if he can handle the work yet.  And they will continue using BIG IQ Kids to work on Math facts, spelling and State Geography.

Lydia is taking off on reading, so we are still working with Reading Eggs and I have added a Scholastic title on High Frequency Words to her work this week.  
Word Wall Practice! High Frequency Level 1
She was struggling with A beka, so we will re-visit that work in a couple months.  She is continuing with Math-U-See.  And we are going to learn more about Big Cats.....tigers, cheetahs, lions, pumas, cougars....she is really into animals.  We are using the lapbook components from Homeschool Share.

Joey and Lydia have guitar lessons.  Lydia and Caty have American Girl Club this week.  And of course, Basketball and Bowling.  Kind of a light week...and Mommy's excited about that!!  The girls are counting down the days to ballet though.

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