Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bring on December!

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I am not sure that I am ready for this.  Winter is here, even though technically it's fall for 3 more weeks.  But waking up to that icky snow.....yuck!!  But we made the best of it, I dressed the girls (who love to play in the snow) and headed out to freeze

Want to talk about super fast....put together snow suit and snow covered plastic slide.  It was like a scene out of the Chevy Chase movie when he was on the sled and went flying.  So funny!!!
 Watch the snow fly in the air when I land!
 She actually stopped quite abruptly at the bottom of the slide.
 Made snow angels.
 Look at my footprints!!
 And of course they had to eat it.
 And eat some more.
So whether I am ready for it or not...Bring on December!

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