Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Last at-home Felicity Project

Our last at home project for Felicity.  I am sad to see her go, but know that we will be working with her again.  

For our last at-home project, we made the Game of Graces.  

This was a game played mostly by girls.  It was supposed to help them learn to be graceful.  I also read somewhere that it was invented because it was not proper for girls to run around, like the boys who could run with the hoop and stick.  

Here is our project.  Our friend Suzy came over to play with us.  And I didn't get to snap alot of pictures because we were using a hot glue gun....and it made me really nervous.

Caty unwrapped all the ribbon while I was helping Lydia.

Lydia kept insisting that she could use the glue gun by way!  So she unwrapped her ribbon and got it ready. 

 We got Caty's hoop done and she decided to use it as a headband.
Here's our finished hoops.  I was short of the doll rods, going to grab more this weekend so maybe we can play more.

If you would like to do this project, we found it in the Felicity - An American Girl Craft Book.

or we found some great projects (including this one) at this website.....A Book in Time.

We used lots of colored ribbon, the inner hoops of cross stitching hoops, and small doll rods.

I also found the project listed on the Nickelodeon Parents Connect site.

In January, we start Josefina.  Very excited and planning already.

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