Thursday, December 1, 2011

My re-do parenting moment of the week.

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This is an old topic.  But it applied to me this week.  Yesterday was a really rough day.  Joey was having an uncontrollable episode.  He was unable to take his morning meds due to an upset stomach/headache from the necessity to pull him off of a new med to control himself.  The med was causing his other meds to basically not work, even though he was taking them all.  Hard to believe that one little pill would cause all the other meds to basically stop working.

He was able to gain control more in the afternoon after his afternoon round of meds.  But yesterday morning was horrible.  It was an autistic morning for sure.  He found the van snow scrapers that I set by the front door on the porch, and chased me through the house with them.  By 10 am, I had been hit, swore at, called names, and went through several meltdowns.  Whewwwww!

But then we had online class, and what happened next set me off into the deep end.  I always...Always sit in the living room with the boys when they have online classes.  They like to keep typing "hi" in the chat box.  So I do the typing of questions during the programs.  Yesterday was no different.  There we were, all three older kids and myself around the computer.  And then I look over at Brayden to say something to him and I heard a key pressing sound.  I look over and Joey started laughing hysterically.  There on the screen was a bad word typed.  WHAT!!!!  So we lost our chat box privileges during class when the teacher saw it.  Which upset the other two kids who had some questions.  

I though lost my temper, and forced Joey into his room after yelling at him about how horrible it was for doing that.  I really try to control my temper and try hard to not raise my voice...but after the whole morning yesterday...but that was 'the straw that broke the camels back'.  I couldn't talk to him except to make his lunch for an hour.  I was so upset....I just could not do it.  I kept putting him back in his room when he came out.

He finally started gaining control and we were able to explain to him all that went on.  He was very upset in the things that he had done, and apologized.  I had already sent an email to the online teacher apologizing and explaining what had happened.  He was very nice about it.  But I still feel bad about that situation and also about screaming at Joey.  I did apologize to him, but cannot give him special treatment for what happened because then he'll think it is ok to act like that, even when he can control it.

Here's to a new day....hopefully more calm!!


  1. Sending hugs sounds like you are going thru a horrible time. I will be praying for you and for Joey. How awful for the whole family.