Monday, November 14, 2011

Our Penguin project

Lydia and I spent the last 2 weeks learning about penguins.  We used this book from Scholastic and a book we found at Target (in the dollar bins) as our guides.
Easy Make & Learn Projects: Penguins (Grades 1-3)
You can still buy this book from Scholastic online.  I grabbed this during their $1.00 sale.

The book was full of printables to use.  The first thing we did was do a color-by-number poster of all the penguin varieties.  (We glued down all the different pieces to poster boards.....forgive the messy carpet.  They just got done making their candles for Felicity.)

 We learned where penguins live, and which ones like warmer water instead of colder.
 We saw how they took care of their babies and fed them.  And which penguins prefer different kinds of foods.
 That all penguins pretty much have their own way of making a nest.
 We learned about the way they fish, swim, and glide on their bellies.
 And this was our finished project, which was for World Travelers Club.  Our Little Blue Penguin.

We also watched Planet Earth Penguin show.  I so love that series!!!!