Sunday, November 13, 2011

What we are doing this week....

Here's our loose based curriculum for the week.

Health---Why we eat food? (from a new addition to our curriculum)
Vintage Remedies for Kids
Art---What do Artists Do? (from Artistic for the review)

Math---Continue Math Mammoth unit on clocks
Grammar---Idioms (from Homeschool Bits)
Handwriting---November copyfacts also from Homeschool Bits
Review---BIG IQ Kids
Spelling---BIG IQ Kids
Map reading---Beginning Geography

Joey will be working on his LEGO lapbook and new Spanish vocabulary.
Brayden is going to work on a Crazy About Cars Lapbook.  I found a Disney Cars lapbook, but he's just too old for it. So I am going to make one for him.

Math---Math U See Primer (working on addition and will start subtraction this week)
Grammar---Reading Eggs and The Reading Game
Handwriting---Draw Write Now
Girl Scouts---Where does Garbage Go?  A poster on ways to reduce our carbon footprint
French---Beginning French (Great Commission for the review)
American Girl---Why did the Revolutionary War take place and why were people like Ben So important?, yes there's a square for  We will probably watch some Liberty Kids shows to give her a better idea of the Revolutionary War.  We will also do a square on the layout of Colonial Williamsburg.
Map Reading---Beginning Geography

Joey and Brayden start basketball this week.  Go Cougars!!!!
Lydia and Caty have their final Ballet class and recital until January.

There is also Bowling Club for the boys.  Lydia and Joey have guitar lessons also.

Our menu for the week:

Sunday - 
Breakfast---honey buns and cinnamon rolls (premade the kids love....I let them have them every so often)
Lunch---Veggie Soup (homemade from a Lois Ehlert Book Caty checked out from the library) and Saurkraut Balls for our Ohio Snack

Breakfast---Oatmeal and ham slices
Lunch---Chicken Strips (homemade) and hashbrowns
Dinner---Baked potato bar (can choose own toppings....chili, bacon, cheese, brocolli, etc.)

Tuesday -
Lunch---Potato soup w/ sandwiches
Dinner--Spanish rice w/ chicken and corncake

Wednesday -
Breakfast---peanut butter toast and muffins
Dinner---Chicken Pot pie

Thursday -
Lunch---Smothered chicken and potatoes

Friday -
Breakfast---Oatmeal w/ toast & peanut butter

There are some new items in our school this week.  We have a new Sudoku game board and some wooden puzzle games to include in their workboxes.  

Solid Wood Brain Teasers - 7 Different Brain Busters by CardinalUNIFIX SUDOKU

This is our week!!  Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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