Friday, November 18, 2011

Our Weekly Triumphs and Accomplishments

Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers

What a week!  We have had one massive week of roller coaster emotions.  If one kid was grouching, another was melting and another yet was in a good mood.  I would have one crying because he couldn't understand the directions on his math work (even though he didn't ask for help yet), and another one in a different desk laughing hysterically at the dog.  And then Lydia screaming, "I can't even hear with my headphones on!  Quiet!!"  But we still got a lot of work done.  

I am even proud to say that I was able to catch back up on messy areas in the house.  There were just some areas that were driving me crazy.  Now we live in "clutterdom" but I still try to keep it clean.  In a week, I lost total control.  Our kids have a hard time recognizing mess and trying to stay on track to clean it up.  I even lost my science notebook in all the mess.  Uuuuggh! But have now found it!

I was gong to break our week down by days...but wow, I didn't keep track this week.  Her was our Science.  We talked more about our joints and did an experiment.

 We also watched an episode on our muscles.
 And worked on this muscle mini-lapbook from Homeschool Bits.

 For health this week, we learned about the terms Real food and processed foods.  We worked on making Rainbow Plates for Eating the Rainbow, while watching Sid the Science Kid on Eating healthy.  They enjoyed a snack of Raspberries.
 This was Joey's first time attempting raspberries.  He has always been convinced he is allergic to any fruits and veggies.  And because of his OCDs....this is a strong sense and he will gag before the food even hits his mouth.

 Here's one of our plates before it was finished.  I just printed fruit/veggie clipart pictures.
 I updated Lydia's vest.  This is her last year as a Daisy.  She has now earned all but one petal.  I was way behind on this, and it turns out a bunch of our activities have helped her earn several petals.  Her last one earned was courage.  We spent time this week learning about the Women of the Revolutionary war and the courageous acts that they performed to help the Colonists efforts.
 The back is completely full.
 I am starting to add as I can so that they look like books.
 We added a recycling bin for all our paper scraps.  I realized with our Garbage project how much we have been wastefully getting rid of.  So we now put all our paper scraps in this box.  It didn't take us long this week to fill it half-way up.

We also learned about the State of Ohio this week.  The boys worked on their Math Mammoth Time books, and making progress.  Lydia is working on beginning Addition in her Math U See Primer.  In Grammar, the boys were working on Idioms using another Homeschool Bits treasure.

What Did You Say? A Fun Mini Lesson! #1
Lydia is working her way through Reading Eggs.  She is really enjoying this program, and progressing nicely!!  She is starting to remember more site words.  A homeschool friend mentioned these awesome books and we started reading them.  We found them at the library.  The adult reads one page, and then the next page is for the child.  Some of the words the child will read are highlighted in the text the adult is reading.  We really enjoyed this book, and look forward to reading more of them!  Thanks Mama Bird!!!

Watch for our post this weekend on the State of Ohio project and Lydia's garbage project results for Girl Scouts project.

Have a great week.....Find out what other homeschool families were doing this week.

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