Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We Give Books...Gives to Both You and Others

I have had this site bookmarked for a while, and we have even read books with it before.  But we have gotten so busy in the last few weeks that we have not used it alot.  A friend reminded me of this site earlier in the week.  And just in case you have never seen's Wonderful!!!  And best of all FREE!!!!

We Give Books

We Give Books offers your family a full library of online books to read.  There is something from birth to age 10.  But they are working on offering through the teenage years.  They feature fiction and non-fiction books, and best of all....these are books that are well-known.  

How it works.....We Give Books is a free website that enables anyone with access to the Internet to put books in the hands of children who don't have them, simply by reading online.
Simply choose the charity you want to read for and then select the books you want to read. For each book you read online, we donate a book to a leading literacy group on your behalf.
The more you read, the more we give.
I love that we can cuddle and read fun fiction stories over and over again.  Or we can read books for science class.  They have a wide variety of DK Science readers available.  And best of all.....we read and someone else earns a free book.  The campaigns change as they fulfill their goal for each one.

If you haven't tried out this wonderful reading program, please hop over and check out We Give Books.  You will not regret it!

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