Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Workbox Wednesday

We have not done a post like this for a while.  Thought I would post what the kids are working on today.

Caty's activity boxes:

 The boys boxes:

Drawer 1....both have different.  Brayden loves these Hidden picture books.
 Drawer 2.....BIG, I found these puzzles at Rite Aid Pharmacy in their $1 section.  I keep them in their drawers for the BIG IQ states section.
 Great fine motor skill.  Brayden also loves these.  Love Hobby Lobby for having them for only $1.00!
 Math Mammoth Time.
 Almost done with our book finally.
 Joey is working on Spanish.

Lydia's boxes:

Reading Eggs is Drawer #1.
 Drawer #2
 Drawer #3
 Drawer #4....just starting this book.
 Drawer #5.  She really loves this book
 Drawer #6...our penguin project which is going to work for not only her zoo class, but World Travelers Club also.  Her favorite penguin so far lives in New Zealand.
 Drawer #7....our current Felicity project...She's almost done with her "Sampler"
 Our group projects.... Plant and animal cells in Science and Washington State for Geography

Hope to bake our apple pie for Washington State also.

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  1. Looks like some fun, educational stuff! And a lot of nice deals, huh? I often forget that you don't need to purchase EXPENSIVE workbooks because the ones at the Dollar Store or Walmart are handy-dandy too (for a lot less)!