Thursday, December 29, 2011

31 Days of Clean - Day 1

So attempting this challenge....our house is driving me crazy!!!!!  I will be doing it in a little over 31 days, but at least try to finish each day "on schedule"

Challenge Day 1

Identify why I want a clean home.  My goal is definitely not to make it into Good Housekeeping Magazine...that'll never happen.  But the clutter and mess drives me crazy!  My hope is that others in the house will see me working at this and pick up on the importance of cleaning things up and not just leaving the mess lying around (too bad Lydia can't read what I am typing yet).  We have 6 people crammed in a small space and lots & lots of things.  

The boys are pack rats and cannot give up their toys very easily.  Even items that they do not play with.  Joey has been known to cry over me attempting to donate kids meal toys out of his room!  Want to talk about excessive junk.  The autism challenge definitely does not make my desire for cleanliness and organization any simplier, just more frustrating.

But between the school room, my office, and Joe's office....and that is all on top of school supplies, "quiet time" areas and various play areas set up through out the house to allow the kids some "chill out" time from each other, we have quickly borrowed more space than we have.  I didn't even think that was possible, but I may have to move my office/work area out into the driveway.  Which wouldn't be so bad at time, because at least I would have some quiet!

So I really want a clean home because:

  1. I hate surprise visits from friends and relatives and I am so embarrassed that they have walked into our home that I want to hide under the pile of unfolded clean laundry.
  2. Safety...the kids leaving toys everywhere is starting to be painful as we trip and step on stuff.
  3. The clutter makes me cringe.  I can't think with it around me.  I feel wiped just looking at it.
  4. Hope the kids see a clean house and learn some responsibility from seeing and performing tasks for their own life skills.
  5. I also hope that this project will carry some cleanliness over into my schedule.  If I can keep the house organized, maybe my calendar reflect the same thing....haha...that's a dream!
So here goes....if you are interested in starting this with me.  Please either email me at or just leave a post.  If there's interest in doing this together for support, we can set up a linky for this project.

31 Days to Clean is a wonderful ebook...Check out the book and information here.


  1. I will support you from a distance:) I too need to clean, but my house is too small for our of our stuff and much of it I just can't get rid of because we will use it for school. My kids hate getting rid of toys too but I have slowly been taking a few pieces out to the trash when I see them broken.

  2. Oooh! This sounds fun!! I would love to do something like this. I need a good 'new years' resolution and what better way to start the year than with a clean house?!

  3. Sounds wonderful!! First off I love your new blog design! Great Job! Second, I love that book. I wish you the best of luck! Follow it through you will be very happy!!

  4. lOVE IT!! What a wonderful way of making Like skills a big part of learning..You go mom!!