Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What we did last week....

I realized that I never posted what we did last week.  We got quite a bit finished, and still working on the couple things that we didn't.

Lydia made Sugar Plum cookies from her Ballet lapbook.  These were really yummy.

 We learned about the homes in Ancient Egypt.
 We studied about the circulatory system and built a 4-D heart model.

 We played with some sugar cane, and discovered it's easier to just buy sugar at the store.
 We compared canned oranges to fresh oranges.  And even though the white stuff might not taste great, our body needs the fiber.
 And of course we did our math, handwriting and Language Arts.
I think the kids favorite thing though was our Kinderbach trial....All 4 kids are enjoying that program.  Watch for the upcoming review.


  1. so cool I want to come and learn at your house!! Love everything your doing. we are studing Ancient Eygpt as well. what source you going with? been looking for unit studies as well as lap books to go with the Story of the worlds ancient times.. thank you for sharing. sorry been while sine i commented on your blog life has been rough but we are trying to get back track! Thank you for sharing agaian!! :-)