Sunday, December 18, 2011

What we are up to this week...

I am praying hard for a smooth week.  Very little excitement would be nice!!!

As a group:

History--Daily life in Ancient Egypt and what their homes were like
Music--What the Renaissance Music period was.
Art--How Artists Communicate through their work
Health--The vitamins we get from fruit and the other benefits of eating it.  We will be making fruit sorbet and our own fruit gelatin.
Science--We will be learning about the Heart and build a model of it.
State Geography--Hawaii  (we found 6 foot tall stalks of sugar cane!!!!  Very excited to get to tear into them!!!!)


She'll be working on Reading Eggs Phonics and her new Reading Series.  I have some copywork for her to work on, simple words from her Reading series.  She'll work on a new set of site words.  For Math, we will continue with skip counting this week, 2s and 5s.  And she is working on telling time.  We are going to start back on her Animated Ballet lapbook and we are going to make Sugar Plum Cookies.  

She finished half her Josefina Memory Box last week.  We will finish painting it this week.  Josefina is the American Girl that we will be looking at for the next 3 months.  We will be working on another Quilt like we did for Felicity.  This week's squares will be about What their houses look like, and where she lived.

She's going to be working on her UmiZoomi Math cards.  Patterns is her current subject.  We are going to work on sequencing also.  She has some fun cut-n-paste activities also.  

Both girls are starting the Literature Pockets Nursery Rhymes book.  This week is a rhyme called A Little Bird.

He is going to be finishing up his Math Mammoth Time with a review of Calendar skills.  His trial to Reading Eggspress will be continuing for a couple more weeks, so I am going to actually sit and work with him on this to see if the program helps him with his comprehension skills.  He is going to finish his 'I wanna be a chef' unit study.  He will be making a Coconut pudding recipe that is easy (and go great with our Hawaii study).

He will be finishing up his Math Mammoth Time book also.  Brayden will be working with K5 Reading program (another trial) to see how it works for him.  He is half-way through his Cars 2 trivia lapbook.  And will also be working on Big IQ Kids Spelling and Geography.

Caty has an ultrasound on Tuesday to have her bladder and kidney's checked.  Joey has another follow-up and then Thursday we have some friends visiting us all day to play.  So it will be a busy week as usual for us.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!

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