Saturday, December 17, 2011

Our weekly Triumphs and Accomplishments

weekly wrap-up

We survived it!!!  That's our Triumphs and Accomplishments!!!!  We survived the week.

As many of you may have read, we had a very scary medication reaction with Joey early Tuesday morning. It resulted in a trip to the hospital and Joey's first ride in an ambulance.  His symptoms mimicked a stroke and several petite mal seizures.  His heart rate went up and down.  He lost touch with reality.  He lost all control of body functions and his muscles in his face stiffened so bad he looked as if he had a cartoon mouth stuck open in a position as if he was screaming with an O mouth.  This though was all on the right side of his face most times his face had his mouth pulled open wide to the right, but his left side was left drooping.

We seem to be out of the clear, but then the medication given to him to help with the side effects caused eye issues.  He has been complaining since Thursday evening.  Another call to the specialist and he was pulled off the meds a day early.  But now poor Joey is complaining about difficulty focusing on words on the computer screen or even focusing on his LEGOs.  We go back to the doctor on Wednesday, but if he keeps complaining may have to make another call.  I am praying for no damage, and we may have to see a neurologist after all.  But other than, hopefully some dry eye (or at least that is what they are calling it right now), Joey is doing better.  He is talking non-stop, even when no one is listening.  So he is getting back to normal.

I had given the kids Monday off and we were going to do schoolwork Tuesday through Friday.  But wow!!!  It took us till Thursday evening to calm down some.  I gave up with trying to get things going again.  Unfortunately for the other kids, Joey took up a lot of our attention for two days and they got some extra hugs thrown in as we were tag teaming to keep an eye on him and make sure they didn't feel left out.

Lydia did have scouts this week, which we were not sure if we would make it or not.  But fortunately we did.  It was a welcome change for her.  We did fun crafts and activities.  And our troop did a collection for Hannah's socks, glad Lydia and I did our shopping Monday morning before all the excitement!!

We did watch alot of educational TV and played some games together.  We had discussions about healthy eating and I was able to take a look at my office/work area.  Hoping some of the changes that we will be starting next week will benefit everyone in our homeschool.  I am pretty excited and hope the kids are too.  I will have to do a post next week.

I did manage though in my work area to add a book shelf yesterday to clean and hopefully organize our current books in a better way.  That also allowed me to have a space to re-open our Ebay store. Which I was able to do last night.  Now to find time daily to list items.  I also started listing items on Homeschool Classifieds.

That is our week....Next week back to normal (or whatever that is).  Linking up with other homeschool families, check out what they have been up to this week.

Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers


  1. I sorry for the med reaction. We have had a hard week with meds too. I hope everything works out well.

  2. Oh, scary, wow! ((Joey)) How's he doing now? How's MOM doing? I would be shaky mess from such an experience! Wishing you all healing this coming week!

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