Monday, December 12, 2011

Our weekly triumphs and accomplishments

It was a long I didn't get a chance to get our Week in Review done.  Now it's time to post what we're doing this

Last Monday, Joey and Dad went to a Star Wars Library program.  He had fun!

 They made light saber pens and built with LEGOS.

They made R2-D2 out of Twinkies.

They made cool Yoda puppets and Naboo Rocks.

Joey also is learning how to knit using a loom.  He is working on a hat for a friend of ours new baby.

While they were at the Star Wars program, the girls and I made fizzy bath salts for our American Girl Luau Party.

My kitchen floor was covered...since the girls were helping me so much!

They really did fizz!  My flash made the picture too light.  That is sea shell shaped.
 Lydia and I made a baby Mediterranean Monk Seal out of an old pair of socks.

 And this is the sand for our sand blocks drying.  These were for building our Ancient Egypt project.

 Joey built his out of the styrofoam project bricks.  It was a rough morning.  I didn't plan on two pyramids that day, but he was having such a rough day I had him work at a different table.

 We also talked about how they made mummies.

For Health, they worked on taking pictures of ingredients and then showed what they could make.  Such as fresh dough, cheese and tomato sauce could make pizza.  Or bread and cheese can make grilled cheese.  They enjoyed this, and then we watched a kids documentary called 'What's on your Plate?'.  We should have broke that up, but we finished it during dinner.

 In Art, we talked about how artists use nature around them to create.  It was icky outside that day, so I put together a nature box instead of going on a nature walk.  They could use these items to either inspire them to draw a nature scene, or just draw the items themselves.

 Joey went for inspiration
 And Lydia choose to draw the items.  Although we did not have a sea shell in the box...but hey apparently she is inspired by the beach.
 Lydia and I have started a new Reading/Phonics program in addition to Reading  There are activities at the end of each small 'book' that we read.  This week we read the hat, and added had, got, up and down to our reading wall.

Here we are making our hat.

 And here is trying to seem like she is in the wind.  Here streamers are going...but her hat didn't fly away like Pam's did in the story.
 This is a picture of our blood experiment last week.  We have been watching it all week.  Now it looks like our blood.  The red from the candies finally made it look more red.  Which is how we see our blood.
Joey, Brayden and I build a wooden trebuchet while watching Pumpkin Chunkin was fun to do a relaxing project while eating a snack.  And I only almost glued the project to my hand a couple times.  We were using instant drying airplane glue.  It worked really...really well!!
 We had a little bit of snow on Wednesday morning, so the kids went out and played.  Built some very tiny snowmen.

And this made my week....we won a wreath from Wreaths of Maine!!!  It is so beautiful on our porch and smells sooooo good out there!!

In Science, we did review work on bones and joints.  Brayden is struggling with his lapbook.  He is having a hard time reading and finding answers.  This is part of his comprehension difficulties.  So we will be approaching this differently in the upcoming week to help with frustration.  Joey also worked on his So I wanna be a Chef book.  He is struggling a bit too, due to comprehension issues.  So also approaching the project differently this next week.

We tried to make gluten/dairy/egg free brownies this week.  But we only ended up with Brownie soup...which was tasty though:)  We'll have some cooking projects this next week to do though.

Hope everyone had a great week and has a wonderful upcoming week.

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  1. You have the most amazing weeks!!! I have no idea how you accomplish everything that you do! My boys would have loved that Star Wars class. How fun!! Looks like it was a great week!!