Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rock Climbing Adventure

The boys participate in a therapy group in Toledo that is led by a group of volunteers.  The Agility Angels has been set up to teach kids with autism to be more confident and assertive with their speech.  Every year they have a special party, and it was pushed back a bit this year because one of our beloved board members was very ill and now thankfully is on the mend.  The party this past weekend introduced our kids to rock climbing walls.

This was something that we have wanted to try, but just never took the time to attempt.  It's always on our "We Should Try this List."  It was wonderful to get this opportunity with the kids.  Everyone but Daddy tried it.

Lydia was quite the monkey...she did it 3 times!!!  I don't know how.  When I finished the first time, my arms were like jelly.

 Joey made it half-way to the top before he lost his footing.

 We were shocked when Brayden decided to try this.  It was all we could do just to get him out of the house that day.  We had to bring the dog (good thing Rocky loves the van).
 He tried, but doesn't have the upper arm strength that is needed.
 I made it to the top, even in boots.  But it just about killed my arms!!!

Here's the boys with their favorite newsperson on TV.  She's a news anchor on one of the local stations we watch.  She has been really ill.  But finally on the mend from heart issues.  She is one of the founding members of the Agility Angels.  Joey was so sad to hear she was ill and made her a drawing when we found out she was sick.  I scanned it and sent it to her.
 It was a little warm at times, Caty discovered the fan and loved how it was blowing her hair!
 Even Caty tried.  Because of her age, they had a set height she could try and climb to.  In her was the purple rock.  How appropriate for Caty.  She loves purple!

 She made it up to that point with some help.  Then on the way down her shoe fell off.  It was funny.  She was mad though...she still thought we were going to let her climb all the way to the top like Lydia.

This was great family fun!  We highly recommend it!!!

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  1. So glad you got to try this activity. We did it every Thursday night last year and my kids loved it. Unfortunately this year BS is on Thursday night and we can't go anymore:(