Sunday, January 1, 2012

Blog Dare 2012--January 1st

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Take on Blog Dare 2012.  The challenge is to increase the quality of your posts, not necessarily the quantity.  I am up for the challenge...I

I to be very honest am still learning all about new social media devices for our blog.  My hubby has been trying to get me to use Google Plus more, but I admit it makes me nervous and I am addicted to Facebook. We do have a Facebook page for the Blog, but I fall behind in updating it on a regular basis.  If not for Networked Blogs, I may not ever get current blog posts on there.

I don't use Twitter, guess I feel out of it for that program.  I wonder what is the point of staying updated on Twitter and Facebook, way too much time involved for me, and I don't have that much time.  

I also recently started using my Pinterest account more.  That website is addictive.  Nothing like a full website of bookmarked cool sites for everything imaginable.  And what you can't find on there, you can add under your own bookmarks.  I am going to start organizing my links on there more, because my Favorites file in my computer is out of control.  I am constantly losing links!

I am sure there are tons of social media outlets available.  But unless it's on Facebook right now or the hubby tells me about it....I just don't know.

My goal for 2012 is to probably use my Twitter account more for our blog promotion of Reviews that we do.  I don't have that many followers on there yet, so hopefully I can gain a few more there.  I also plan on using Pinterest more to organize my favorite links for recipes, educational sites and craft ideas.  I can promote this on our blog then.

Up tomorrow....a walk down memory lane of 2011.....this could make me cry...see you tomorrow.


  1. Happy New Year to you and your family:) Good luck doing twitter. I have decided not to pursue any additional methods or I will never get off the computer:) I tinkered with the idea of a face book page but decided against it, as I just don't have time. I am amazed at all you do with your children and with your blog:) Finally added your blog button to my page, see even that took a long time:)

  2. I tried twitter once and it made me crazy. Huge time-waster in my opinion. I closed my account so you won't see me there...